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Nice job!

Did Red Hot Chili Peppers really cancel twice! Add that to the show in 2007 they should have cancelled? WTF is up with RHCP and Roskilde????!
jonathansoegaard wrote: Nice job!

Did Red Hot Chili Peppers really cancel twice! Add that to the show in 2007 they should have cancelled? WTF is up with RHCP and Roskilde????!

Thanks :) Just a small part of the research being done.

And yeah, I've tried to find at least two sources for every cancellation[1], plus The Red Hot Chili Peppers thing is a relatively easy case, since they're listed on both years' posters, but no-one ever saw them playing in 1990 or 1993 (they're also mentioned as being cancelled by various music magazines, fan sites etc.).[2]

Anyway, in RHCP's defense, their concert in 2002 was pretty good. :-) Didn't see them in '96. But yeah, it means it isn't entirely out of the question that the festival will try to book, say, Drake again - since RHCP had the same track record until they appeared in 1994. :)

In the 90's the rumour actually was that (like The Replacements) they'd cancelled three times. But like the Replacements, I haven't found any evidence of that. Roskilde did try to get them in 1992 too, but never did - some might have taken that as a "cancellation".

ETA: And right now, Strawbs is dangerously close to joining the "no-show" club. According to Leif Skov, Strawbs cancelled in 1971. And in 1973 they're on the poster but not the final programme (the band pretty much self-destructed two months before and had just started rebuilding when the festival took place). If Leif doesn't have the two mixed up (would be understandable), I guess they cancelled both. :)

[1] Also double check most other stuff I add to the app, like finding Wikipedia links for most artists throughout the history, making sure they're actually the artist that played - at the moment, the unofficial history app has around:

  • 5400 concerts (including the cancelled ones)
  • 4150 main artists (the ones actually billed for the concert)
  • 4600 artists total (the beginning of also listing band members, guests etc. in order to track - as far as possible - all the times someone like Sune Wagner, Mike Patton, Robert Trujillo, Peter Peter, Lars H.U.G. or Blæs Bukki showed up)
  • 3000 artist Wikipedia links - 2500 in English, the rest in the artist's own language (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French or Spanish) when English Wikipedia doesn't deem them "important"
  • 2500 other artist links - early effort - including official sites, official YouTube channels, Discogs, Myspace etc. Likely dropping most of those, and not going to add e.g. facebook links - because anything the artist (and their label) has control of is very very fragile (and facebook will hopefully die sooner or later). So rather than having to update links every other day, I'm sticking with more reliable sites (in terms of link rot) like Wikipedia - plenty of stuff to keep track of already. :)
  • 3700 artists with a MusicBrainz ID to uniquely identify them (and automatically get set lists from setlist.fm)

[2] And yeah, they're not listed in the official history on the website either - which tends to be based on who actually played, rather than who was scheduled. Although it still lists quite a few that didn't actually play - it's still really unreliable - even more so after the latest site update where lots of concerts have disappeared. Some due to display issues in the browser (they're still there in the data that's sent to the browser for each year's schedule), others are simply completely gone - or botched. And some years have gone completely bonkers (including new data like 2013 where quite a few artists are playing on wrong stages etc.) Unfortunately, I never made a backup of the old history which was a bit more reliable. :( Although I originally based the database on that, then started fixing all the wrong stuff, now I only have what can be found on archive.org.
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