Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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I'm Nathalie and it's probably the 12th time I'm coming to Roskilde.
I'm 40 and am looking to meet up to celebrate and enjoy the music with you...
My travel partner just canceled...so....contact me
I'm staying with two other Americans (from San Francisco and Minneapolis) but we do first arrive on the campsite on Wednesday.

I can only speak for myself but I'm sure that they also like to say hi.
Hi Anders,

Well, sounds great, it would be awesome to meet up for a drink or two...and some good music of course...so just text me @ 001-646-610-0568 Or e mail: wintermaerchen1919@gmail.com
I arrive Thursday morning .....there are also some German friends coming - so,I can't wait to have a good time...


Hey Johan,

Sorry to hear your travel companion bailed out .... same as mine... Therefore we have to celebrate and have fun twice as much, don't you think? .. Feel free to text me at 001-646-610-0568 or e mail wintermaerchen1919@gmail.com.....


I'm also going down by myself this year unfortunately as everyone thinks they are to old.
I'm gonna stay at one of the tenthouses at get a tent east this year :)
So send me an email (martin.vedelov@gmail.com) or send me a text at +46707566478 if you wanna meet up for a beer in the sun and see some good music togheter.

Gonna drive down Wednesday.

...awesome ...oh that's so nice ...I will be on the festival site not before Thursday afternoon....the easiest way is probably communicating via text messages then.
@Martin...I' ll text you
And Johan and Bongo Anders if you can pls also share your phone# with me.....either way you got mine.....so,I'm really looking forward to a great festival.....keeping the orange feeling alive...lol:wink:
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