Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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I'm Tyler, and I'm coming to Roskilde this year on the 27th.

My plan is to stay in Copenhagen during the festival (a city I've wanted to see for a long time now) and take the bus up to Roskilde in the evenings. If anyone else has a similar plan, please feel free to get in touch with me!

Tak skal du have.
I'm sorry to tell you but taking the bus from Copenhagen to Roskilde is a no go! You should take the train instead my friend :D
Will do, thanks. :)
But why do you want to stay in CPH?

I understand you want to see the city and so, but living at the camp site is a big part of Roskilde.
The "0ffishuul" dude is right. Also, it would cost you a fortune commuting back and forth.
Find a group of ppl that wants to camp there anyways. I'll be attemting the very same thing myself :)
Hey Tyler,

Me too I stay in Copenhagen during the festival taking the train to Roskilde .....
I arrive Thursday flying in from NY.....would be fun to take the train to the festival together...
Let me know if you are interest

I'm flying in from California. Never been to Denmark and would love to explore the city the first couple of days of the festival. I'm interested in the lineup from Wednesday onwards anyway.
Anyway I'll be down for exploring the city. What are your plans so far?
Please note that this thread is two years old, don't expect a reply from the previous posters ;)
Just start a new thread.

Also, as Martin already advised in this thread, the Roskilde festival experience is very much about the camping experience in the days leading up to the music program (warm-up days) as it is the main music program itself.
If you can, schedule some days to visit Copenhagen after the festival or come to the festival from the start and go one day by train to Copenhagen during the warm-up days but don't miss the warm-up days all-together!
But for people that actually need a place to stay during the festival, that are broke, and dont wanna camp out at Roskilde should check out Couch Surfing. Its an app that allows you to stay at someones house for free and it's ment for travelers that are down to meet new people.
Just saying lol
If there are People who are broke, travelling back and forth between Roskilde and Copenhagen Will cost you In the area of 200 DKK a day and thus be quite expensive though
Ragger wrote: If there are People who are broke, travelling back and forth between Roskilde and Copenhagen Will cost you In the area of 200 DKK a day and thus be quite expensive though

People might as well buy a tent with that money lol
Thanks for your replies. I didn't notice this thread was from last year. Does anyone know if they sell tents around the festival area? If possible I would like to avoid carrying my tent with me.
Also if I get to the festival a couple of days after it starts, will I still be able to get a camping spot?
You can buy a tent (and other camping gear) at Roskilde city. There will a lot of stalls in the city centre with camp gear and there is a large sports and camp shop (Spejder Sport) there as well. All in walking distance from the train station.

You can also buy a tent and other camping stuff at the festival itself. Spejder Sport has two shops at the camping area at the so called service centres on camping West ("C" area) and Camping East ("P" area).

It might also be possible to pre-order online a complete camping package (tent, sleeping bag, inflatable mattress) and collect that at the festival. Keep an eye on the Roskilde website to see if they offer that for this year.

You should have no problem finding a camping spot for a single tent, your best chance will be the camping area "P" and possible "J". If you are willing to walk around a little more you will probably be able to find a spot at the other camping areas as well or find a camp willing to take you in.
Have a look at this topic for more information: topic5364.html#p68207
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