Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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Hi all :P
As usual I'm gonna shoot some videos for StarLoad at the creative areas

I need someone WHO like making videos, to assist me, making interviews or handle cameras mostly at the camp/city area. As is I cannot afford Your ticket too, so you will have to provide one yourself, maby as volunteer for the Roskilde Festival

Hej alle: P
Som sædvanlig vil jeg lave nogle videoer for StarLoad på de kreative områder

Jeg har brug for nogen, der kan lide at lave video, til at hjælpe mig, hvilket omhandler interviews eller håndtering af kameraer, hovedsagelig i camp/city områderne. Jeg har ikke råd til din billet også, så du bliver nødt til at købe den selv, måske som frivillig for Roskilde Festival.

Kind Regards / Venlig hilsen
Hi René!

Do you still need help? I might be able to assist you depending on which times you need.

I work with audio/video equipment at my daily job and am very familiar with sound, lighting, editing, all of that.

Let me know if you still need help and during which times. :)
Hi Nicole
I would be very happy for your assistance.
Please write me at info@starload.dk.

Regards René :D
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