Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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We have room for 2 more in our car going from trondheim, via Oslo, to Roskilde. Need a ride? Just reply and leave your e-mail and I will contact you :)

Hi Marte,

I need a ride after the fest to either Stavanger, Oslo, or Trondheim. Any of them work because ultimately I need to get to an airport that can take me to Mo i Rana or Bodø because after Roskilde I am working at Trænafestivalen :)

If there is still a seat available please email me! an[winans][at]gmail[dot]com
Sorry for the strange email format - I just don't want search engines crawling for it and finding it here :)
Sure, there are still room :) I dont know if im going all the way to trondheim, but at least oslo =)
Hi! Do you still have room for one more?
I'm in Kristiansand, but could come to Oslo for a ride, and I will of course share the expences. Email: stene.hege@gmail.com
Hei, har du fortsatt ledig plass i bilen? Jeg reiser fra Oslo og kunne trengt noen å sitte på med. Kontakt meg på 94155028.
Peace Stian Grytan
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