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But they didn´t qualify :-(
Well if the names in the Danish jury show how the jurs in generel is it make seens. I dont think one of thoes person have ever heared a punk(rock) song before
Yeah well, it was the wrong forum for PKN. Though they´re disabled, these guys are nothing but a joke band or something to score pity points. Seen them three times live and they deliver. Of course, the songs are quite simple, but the essence of punk is strong in this one.

The Eurovision song was the weakest I´ve heard from them. This one is much better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGlZyLsogwU

"I need some respect, equality to my life", talking about wanting to live in Kallio (a rougher district in Helsinki where there´s "life" and not in some home for disabled people) with an great punk attitude, what´s not to love. And as Teemu Bergman (the head of Pää Kii-punk band) stated, these guys made it sort of big and after that nothing like mellowing out, put putting out an great hardcore punk EP.

Screw hockey, we are proud of these guys.
I´ve been told that when they had played their first gig in the best underground finnish punk-venue, someone in the band spent the whole 100 euro salary on candy... :)

Another funny story is from this spring when the guys were playing for prsoners in prison in Helsinki. The drummer Toni (with down syndrome) was asked if he had anything to say, he stated to the prisoners that "Many things have been stolen from us and somebody broke into our car and garage. Also bikes were stolen and I´m asking you for the bikes to be returned.." :D :D :D

The prisoners started a fund rising for Toni to get his bike back.
Nice story, one of my boys is authist and I can fully understand what was going on in that prison. Music can break down walls.
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