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Admin edit: this topic is from the old forum and is no longer relevant. It's now locked.

I'm working with Martin (the moderator for the current forum) to setup a new forum. This will be the new address:

Please bookmark this new address, as the current forum will disappear early October.

The new forum is not yet active, that could take a little while, but hopefully we'll have something up and running before the end of the year :D
The forum and old webpage will stay up a bit longer, except the new page in ultimo October

Where else could I be nerding with the band schedules :D
Glad to see the forum still refusing to die. :-D
are you guys getting close?
Slowly but surely we are getting somewhere. The main hurdle at the moment is getting the old forum data formatted in way so we can use the post/topic import tool.
As rough estimate we are a least a month away from a re-launch of the forum at the new address.

The good news is that we will be using the phpBB forum software which is a modern forum software with a lot more useful features compared to the current forum software.
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