The planning of Henrys Dream is well under way, therefore, we need voluntary “Dreamers” above 18 who would like to give us a helping hand. Do you want to help us create Scandinavia’s new progressive festival and also
• be amongst the first ones to participate in and experience an entirely new and different festival concept.
• help realizing the festival.
• have three eventful days at Henrys Dream.
Henrys Dream runs over three days from July 18th to July 20th.
We require a minimum of 10 hours of help. In return, we offer you free access to Henrys Dream 2013, including all meals the day(s) you work. We also need volunteers both before July 18th and after July 20th.

About Henrys Dream
The purpose of Henrys Dream is to turn upside down our traditional conception of being at and experiencing festivals. Our ambition is to experiment and challenge the concert format and the way music and art can be experienced. We do that by combining music with performance art and installation art. As a voluntary “Dreamer” you will become a part of the constructed parallel society – a part of one great work of art.
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