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idolsjur wrote: From the top of my head

1. The War on Drugs, 2015
2. Motorpsycho, 2008
3. Paul McCartney, 2015
4. Die Antwoord, 2015
5. Roky Erickson, 2007

RHCP, 2007
Prodigy, 2010
MGMT, 2008

I can't recall MGMT, what was so bad about it?

Motorpsycho: shake my hand brother. We still try to find a band that can re-create that 2am concert at the now long gone Odeon stage.
Also agree with The War on Drugs, great concert.
Having seen about 10 Motorpsycho shows, that 2008 gig still stands out as the best I've seen. I have seen far better setlists from them, but they outperformed themselves that night.
The War on Drugs might be my best concert experience ever. That said, concerts come in different shapes and sizes. It might not be fair to compare TWoD, McCartney and Roger Waters in front of thousands to The Hotelier playing a fantastic show in front of a few people in a pub. Anyway, I'm really hyped for their concert in Oslo Spektrum in november!

MGMT was plain boring. That summer, their hits were the soundtrack of every party and night out, and it was obvious the crowd was there to have a party. MGMT on the other hand, high as a kite, wanted that party to themselves. It was a drowzy affair, watching them jam psychedelic tunes between themselves for an hour before they played somewhat disappointing versions of what the crowd actually wanted. A concert isn't necessarily about the hits and crowdpleasing, but that was almost as disappointing as RHCP the year before(hard to top that one).
I just need to second the War on Drugs show, it was amasing. It was a cosmic relief, was walking some feet above the ground from that one.
I have only been to Roskilde Festival in 2013 and 2017. Still, I find it impossible to just name 5 gigs, so here is my top 10.

1. Foo Fighters (Orange 2017)
2. Slipknot (Orange 2013)
2. Ensiferum (Odeon 2013)
3. A Day To Remember (Avalon 2017)
4. Metallica (Orange 2013)
5. Volbeat (Orange 2013)
6. Rag'N'Bone Man (2017)
7. The Lumineers (Odeon 2013)
8. Of Monsters and Men (Arena 2013)
9. Justice (Orange 2017)
10. The Lumineers (Orange 2017)
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