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Dont think I`ve seen this thread before here...please, correct me if I`m wrong!
The title explains most of it, just name the 5 best shows you ever have seen at the festival, including year and stage, as if you just say for example "The Streets", we wouldnt know which show you meant!
Feel free to add extra comments and/or runner ups
Here are mine:

1. Muse, Orange Stage 2010
First time seeing one of my fav. bands! Even though i have heard people complaining about this show, i thought it was an amazing experience!
2. Coldplay, Orange Stage 2009
A big surprise for me who isnt a huge Coldplay fan! Just went a long to see them, but ended up having a blast!
3. Alice in Chains, Orange Stage 2010
Loved every bit of it!
4. The Hellacopters, Arena 2008
Same as AiC
5. Jay-Z, Orange Stage 2008
Like Coldplay. Went along since he`s big, and it was the closing of Orange etc.! But ended up having an amazing time! Not a hiphop/rnb fan at all, so this was a pleasant surprise!

RUnners up:
Judas Priest, Orange 2008
Slipknot, Orange 2009
Faith No More, Orange 2009
Them Crooked Vultures, Orange 2010

As you can see, i love the big stadium shows!
1. Malk De Koijn 2009 @ Arena
It was so crazy, I fucking loved it

2. Muse 2007 @ Orange
First time seeing Muse, it savede my festival after RHCP tryed to blow it the night before

3. Den Sorte Skole 2008 @ Skate
First time I heard them, it was so fucking good, and one heel of a party

4. PRODIGY 2010 @ Orange
One nice party

5. At The Gates 2008 @ Arena
They was a big part of me learing to love metal, so seeing them was so great

NOFX 2010 @ Arena
Trentemøller 2009 @ Orange
Faith no More 2009 @ Orange
In flames 2007 @ Orange
1. Roger Waters, Orange, 2006
- Amazing sound, amazing concert in every way. Had goosebumps for several hours afterwards :)
2. Tool, Orange, 2006
- Thought it was the best gig I had ever seen for a day or two, until I saw Roger Waters ;)
3. Motorpsycho, Odeon, 2008
- A two hour long psychedelic jam. Lost contact with the world completely. They played... What, 5-6 songs? Brilliant liveband. Would love to see them at Roskilde again. Their concert at Øya this year was out of this world.
4. Nine Inch Nails, Orange, 2009
- Perfect ending to a perfect day. Friday, 2009 :)
5. Flogging Molly, Arena, 2005
- Just really, really fun! Was horribly sunburned, and was in a moshpit with some punks with spikes all over :P The pain was worth it!

Honorable mentions: Slipknot '04 (Orange), Iggy & the Stooges '04 (Orange), Fantômas '05 (Arena), Black Sabbath '05 (Orange), Roky Erickson '07 (Odeon), Swollen Members '08 (Cosmopol?), Faith No More '09 (Orange), Katzenjammer '09 (Pavillion), Patti Smith '10 (Orange)

Edit: added comments
1. Machine Head - 2000

2. Sepultura - 1994

3. Offspring - 1995

4. Prodigy - 2010

5. Bob Dylan - 2001

Runners up:

Bodycount 1995, Oasis 1995, Slipknot 2009, Down 2009, Metallica 2003, Seasick Steve 2008 and Coldplay 2009
I'll just take what jumps to my mind...

Muse, White, 2000
As I've mentioned elsewhere, and won't go through again, that gig holds special value for me. I don't particularly care for their direction gig-wise since 2004 (or album-wise since Black Holes...).

Royal Crown Revue, Ballroom, 2002 (and to a lesser extent Green, also 2002)
Amazing energy (from crowd and band) and musicianship - which is probably why they quickly got re-booked for Green on Sunday.

NOFX, Arena, 2010
First time I've seen NOFX since the 90's, and they still su... er, are amazing live.

Roger Waters, Orange, 2006
Brilliant sound for Orange and stunning, pitch-perfect performance.

RATM, Orange, 1996
First time I actually liked Orange.

Honorable mentions:
Gogol Bordello, Ballroom, 2003 (wilder than they've ever been since)
Mew, Green, 2005 (don't care for them usually, but somehow their music summed up what I remember as, mood-wise, the last really great Roskilde Festival)
The Bronx, Odeon, 2009 (not exactly packed, but really great, fun gig)
Orbital - Tech One, 1999 (just the most chilled, ignorantly blissful time in all my Roskilde years - and besides, they played a certain theme remix that would come back to haunt me 6-7 years later)

There are plenty more from the 90's that might have taken over the top 5, but they weren't what immediately entered my mind plus, I'll just keep it to something most people can actually relate to. ;-)

[Very late edit: Just fixed a year]
Trentemøller - Arena - 2007

The atmosphere inside Arena is probably the best i have seen ever, i have the live LP from this show and the hair on my arms rises every time i hear the crowd roar during the songs.

The Streets - Arena - 2006

The Orange Show in 2008 was also good but there is something about that first concert.

Boban i Marco Marcovic Orkestar - Odeon - 2010

The wildest party ever and i´m a big consumer of Whisky Cola so that song made me laugh so hard.

Tiësto - Arena - 2007

Before you shoot me i must add that i hate his new pop album but this gig was performed during the Elements Of Life tour and during the promotion of his last In Seach of Sunrise album so he still made quality trance back then.

The 4 hour show included the full tour production meaning that was also placed lightpoles (SP?) in the crowd area so the people in the back was also a part of the show.

Tiësto only played Progressive, melodic, uplifting and hardtrance + some mash ups so it was a nonstop party in all 4 hours.

Faith No More - Orange - 2007

Mike Patton rocks and so did this concert.
Can I put future shows that I know will kick ass on my list? Meh, who cares? It's my list anyway.

1. Iron Maiden, Orange, 2011
I've seen them live once before, and it was my best concert ever. The new album's great, etc.

2. Porcupine Tree, Arena, 2010
They really made me appreciate the fact that music is art.

3. Coldpay, Orange, 2009
This show was what really made me interested in Coldplay. They were really amazing.

4. New Keepers of the Water Towers, Pavilion Junior, 2010
The surprise package. I saw a few of the bands on Pavilion Jr. and to be honest, most of them weren't to my taste or were not very good. This one, though, really surprised me. It was rock just the way I like it. So I bought their T-shirt and their CD and I have it on my regular playlist.

5. Klovner i Kamp, Odeon, 2009
There are a lot of gigs that I really enjoyed and I'd want to put on this list, but I'll go with this one because it was hip hop, which I'm normally not a fan of, but I still had a great time and enjoyed both the music, the atmosphere and the show in general.
Nirvana - 1992
Metallica - 1999
Faith no More - 2009
Goose - 2007
Turbonegro - 2005
1: Tool - 2006. Simply the best concert experience i have ever had in my life.
2: Roger Waters - 2006. A close runner up, also a concert i will always remember.
3: Muse - 2010. - Went with a big bunch of people. Amongst them was my best friend and tentmate, and a bunch of Roskilde newbies. The energi was so good, and we all really just let loose.
4: Alice In Chains - 2010. Was about to get some food, when AIC started playing. Had not really planned to go see them, since i only knew a few songs. Me and a friend decided to go into the front pit, drunk as shit, and just had a blast. Good times.
5: NOFX - 2010. Maybe not the best music this year, but god damn was the energy good. So much fun, felt more like a big party than a concert.

Close runners up are: The National 2010, Kellermensch 2010, Coldplay 2009, Morrissey 2004, Morrissey 2006, Opeth 2006, Faith No More 2009.
Gnawa Diffusion, Ballroom, 2004 - This is why I love Roskilde, you´ll never know what you get, and where the best shows are. The whole crowd was jumping up and down for the whole show, and the look on the band´s face was pure happiness and disbelief.

Staff Benda Bilili, Cosmopol, 2010 - Just pure energy

Labrassbanda, Astoria, 2009 - So much fun

Tool, Orange, 2001 - Hypnotic

Prince, Orange, 2010- The man´s a genious, can´t help it. Really good musicians all around

Bubbling under : Faith no more 2009, Tony Allen 2009, Oumou Sangare 2004, Gogol Bordello 2009, Madness 2009, Afenginn 2010
Damn, FNM was offcourse in 2009 and not in 2007 as i posted in my list.

And when i think about it i should probably put La Brass banda on the list but it will be hard to replace one of the others.
- MUSE, 2007
- Tim Christensen 2009
- Nephew 2010
- The National 2010
- The Pet Shop Boys 2009
Having only been to the festival in 2009 and 2010, I'm obviously rather restricted in my picks. But I'm gonna go with...

1. Porcupine Tree, Arena (2010)
2. Coldplay, Orange (2009)
3. Muse, Orange (2010)
4. Mew, Arena (2009)
5. Efterklang, Odeon (2010)

Honourable mentions are Malk de Koijn (Arena, 2009), Fleet Foxes (Arena, 2009), and The National (Arena, 2010).
I've only been there in 2009 and 2010but there's still about 30 cocerts to choose from :)

1. Muse, Orange stage 2010
- I had really high expectations, and I got much more than that! Time Is Running Out, was the highlight of the whole festival

2. Faith No More, Orange Stage 2009
- Mike Patton is made for great concerts. Only heard like 5 songs before the concert but I loved every minute of it!

3. Mew, Arena 2009
- Awesome awesome awesome! Comforting Sounds turned the whole stage upside down

4. Alice In Chains, Orange stage 2010
- William Duvall. I don't think I need to say anything else

5. Prince, Orange stage 2010
- Magic!

Honorable mentions:
Thee Attacks (2010), Gorillaz (2010), Slipknot (2010), Coldplay (2009).. surprised me a little, Volbeat (2009)
This is very tough. I've picked a few, although they're not really in order of how great they were. There's loads more I could have added.

1) Roger Waters 2006
- What can I say? Absolutely amazing concert, actually brought a tear to my eyes.

2) Mew 2009
- They were AMAZING!! Such a fantastic concert, really loved it.

3) Radiohead 2008
- This was the first time I'd ever seen Radiohead and I was blown away by their concert. They played with such class, it was brilliant.

4) Tool 2006
- Although I had previously listened to Tool, this was the first time I had seen them live, and from start to finish, they had my full attention! For a good couple of hours I was transfixed watching amazing song after amazing song.

5) The Strokes 2006
- What really needs to be said? They were fantastic.
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