Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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Think it might be in order to make a thread were everyone can post what they think was done good at Roskilde this year, and what can be done better.

- They were quick to suck up as much water as possible in the camp after they rain.
- I relly liked the Idea of a bigger warm up area, but the placement of the apollo stage was maby not the best. but the concept is nice.
- It was quick to get a beer. the ques were always small and fast.
- It was really easy to get stuff into the festival area. No body searches at any time. Liked that one. someone may put that in the negative.

- Of course, the que madness. sucks to be third in line and to be quing for 22 hours and be one of the last once in.
- The service center west had 3 real food stand(the backery and the fruit shop I count as snack)
- the placement of apollo was strange. everybody going from west, G camp, H camp and J camp had to cross the crowed to get to the festival area.
- The placment of bus camp next to the workers camp is just stupid. A lot of the buses(our included) play music really loued all night long, and placing us on a silent area next to the workers camp is just not a good idea. Poor workers.

can probaly find much more, but that is a start at least.
I lived in H, I never walk cross the crowed, I spend about 1minutte tops to go around.

I have a hard time seeing the problem, I think the placement of Apollo this year was very good (And that said about a stage I was at for about ½ a show, but I could hear the bass in my camp.. and we don’t play bass music)
I think it depended alot on the time you past it. it was not everytime we had to pas the crowed, but it did happend.
Muffe wrote: I think it depended alot on the time you past it. it was not everytime we had to pas the crowed, but it did happend.

I pass that area a lot, and there was never a time I coulden walk around the crowed. It is not like there is 50000 ppl at Apollo
We always came from West, and sometimes had the feeling we hade to go staight through the crowed to get into the festival area. You may have a different view of it, but thats how we felt it anyways.
We lived in J and ended up going the other way around the gravel pit (through the entrance at Arena) to avoid the Apollo crowd. Furthermore, the bass interfered with the music at the festival grounds. It was hard to tune out the bass from Apollo at the Bobby Womack concert for instance. I'd suggest moving Apollo to somewhere else next year - if removing it entirely is not an option :roll:

On a positive note:
I f**king LOVE Silent & Clean - green grass as far as the eye can see!!!
I had an overall very good experience again.

A few remarks:
I don't think there where signs pointing to the paid parking at East. There was a very long traffic queue at East on Saturday morning/ afternoon and I think a lot of people where just going with the flow to find out they ended up at the paid park / Kiss 'n Ride instead of the free parking.

I didn't notice any problems with the queuing at the South queue but I was getting quite buzzed and we where aiming for a spot at J which doesn't really require queuing/running.

Sound level/quality at most stages seemed to have much more low-end/sub which defeated my ear plugs (I tried 3 different types).

The fishing lake bar was closed except for one day, they had a mobile stall a little further down the path though.

I really would like to see (additional) hot showers located at or close to J (Silent & Clean) and maybe a few food stall alternatives. Some of those 'vacuum' toilet would be nice as well. Probably not possible due to the lack of a nearby sewer connection though. Expand the Silent & Clean concept and make it a little more exclusive.

I think the hot showers at G where closed to men at the peak hours again (to open up for the ladies). Please just increase the female showers capacity instead of denying the gent a hot shower.

Security checks at the festival entrances where very relaxed without any negative effects at that festival site, great!

I was a little confused that a few bars sold beer in refund cups (10DKK). I've been at a festival where they only sold drinks in (expensive) refund cups (that you could exchange at the bars, not only special refunds stalls) and the effect was; no refund collectors and no garbage on the festival site. When people have to look after there empty cup they are no longer throwing other trash on the ground as well it seems.

A few bands where programmed at the wrong stages (but that always happens). I think 4 times as many people that fit into Cosmopol tried to see the C2C concert.

Overall the festival site seemed overly crowded on Thursday (but I think this is always the case). The Sunday was relatively quiet.
I like the changes in City center east! Recharging bikes were great to have around, VOLT is an amazing concept and I hope they stay too!

The ladies hot showers keep getting worse. Two years ago they were decent, now they're shit.
The que is insane, but its so ridiculously full in there you can hardly move without humping someone! Having a separate mirror/wall socket area like before helped a lot, easier to move out of the way and not get burned by all those appliances some girls bring when you try to put your panties on! Just expanding the area a little bit could minimize the que and trouble quite a lot...

I was in the que at South as well, but missed the entire opening because I spent a good half hour in line for the bathrooms. Made a new friend though, and wasn't supposed to run anyways. So that all worked out nice.
My idea for the que system; Have guards with dogs by the fences. Either people will be too scared to hurt the dogs to break the fence, or too scared they're drug-dogs. Should work either way.

The front pit got WAY too crowded at Metallica. Seemed like there was no control at all. Lightened up quickly when a lot of people had to leave to get air, though.

All in all I think most everything worked very well this year, I didn't have to que much to get beer/food etc, sound at Orange seems to have improved, good food selection at East, and it didn't even take forever to get a wristband! :) Pretty impressed with the logistics behind Roskilde as always, but some minor improvements wouldn't hurt to make the overall experience even better.
Roskilde uptown Gat

Min kæreste og jeg har boet i GAT Uptown til dette års Roskilde festival, og vi har oplevet en række ting, som viser at konceptet Uptown enten er begyndt forfra if. til tidligere HM camps eller de rutineret personer har overladt opgaverne til nogle nye.

Det første jeg vil sige, at dette absolut ikke er en kritik af de frivillige, som var meget hjælpsomme og flinke, men mere af processerne og system bag.

1. Den første dag vi ankom var om onsdagen kl. 14, og der var en kø på lidt over en time før vi fik anvist et telt. Det telt vi fik kiggede vi hurtig ind i og lagde et par ting ind. Det første jeg lagde mærke til var at vores billet fra billetnet ikke blev skannet, hvilket betød at vores billet kunne være kopieret uden problemer. Dagen efter torsdag mødte jeg op ude ved teltet kl. 12, og der lå to piger i teltet, som havde fået anvist teltet efter vi havde. Vi gik op til adm.og spurgte hvad der var sket og de svarede at der var sket en dobbelt booking, hvilket jeg efter følgende hørte var sket ved flere telte. Det var sket fordi personerne i adm. ikke havde fået ordentlig information og fordi processen ikke var strømlinjet.
2. Hver eneste dag var der kø for morgenmaden også selvom antallet af mennesker i cafeen burde kunne lave morgenmad uden problemer if. til antallet af personer. Der burde været lavet en mere effektiv proces for udlevering af morgenmad.

Ved godt at de to ovenstående ikke var verdens største problemer, men if. til at have betalt 1.250 kr. ekstra, så var det ikke optimal.
Vil gerne være med til at udvikle konceptet GAT Uptown, og samtidig kunne der nemt videreudvikles på tingene bl.a. ville det være nemt at have en Orange Press i cafeen i Uptown.
Well overall I had a really really good festival.
But..ofcourse there are some things that can be improved:

1. the signs to get to the paid parking at east. + the traffic jam we had to be in for like hours to get a parking spot and even know where we had to go. How hard is it to put up some signs?

2. The stairs to the city centre West.. I saw this girl falling down..she was probably way too drunk ofcourse..but I never get it why the almost last staircase is different then the others.
It makes people fall..;)

3. The hottubs at K area..whenever we wanted to get in there it was..too crowded,people didn't have any curfue to get out. So stayed in it for a longggggggg..time;)

I get your point of the showers Cathrine..if you get later then 8, oclock they're worse by the minute.
Positive: great Music, great atmosphere and i liked the general layout This year.. Also, the pay toilets were brillant! I Can live with 5 kr Per Day, so i hope that stays

Bad things: they've Got to put more guards handling the wristband Exchange in '14 because when one half of the Line moves faster Than the other, it creates panic in the masses.. That's really my only complaint
Complaint no. 1 :

I´m a bit sad that there´s not thar many "small stalls" anymore selling me alcohol. Mojito Station, Drinks for Trees, the Beach Bar etc... In last couple of years it has gotten more to corporate-style stalls.

Complaint no. 2 :

Trio Teris and Paul Simon still haven´t played...

That´s it. Big up for the condition of toilets last year (and everything else of course)!!! :)
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