Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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Don't think this has been posted before, but for anyone who needs more Roskilde-related timekill than the forum can provide, this is a gold mine:

http://www.dr.dk/bonanza/serie/Musik/ro ... stival.htm

Also a chance to check out the mythical 90's for us who were to young to go back then :D Looks like fun!

At one point an entire The Cure concert from the 80's was online, but I can't find it anymore. Still, a lot of good stuff, Nirvana, Paul Simon, U2...
If you search for Roskilde Festival on there instead, you'll find a bit more (mostly radio broadcasts of large portions of concerts with e.g. Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Bob Marley etc.

Love those old clips, although DR has always had the angle of "worried/baffled parent looking in". Wish they'd put more up - even just atmosphere bits, if the rights for the concert clips are too hard to get.

The early 1980's stuff looks insanely provincial compared to the 90's and now (the real "international scope" shift happened in 1987, but still). But then, DR also manages to make 1995 seem small, over-relaxed and homogenous compared to what it was. :-)

The "Vi mødes i Roskilde" and "Roskilde-sagaen" "documentaries" are pretty good. Better than the coverage they do these days, even if the aforementioned baffled angle rears its head in both of those too.
They've updated the video content now, adding a lot more from the 80's (and a bit from the 70's, 90's and 00's) - including (20 minutes of) the The Cure concert in 1985 that Dunkesen mentioned (now that's what I call sparing use of light ;-)), and around 40 minutes of the U2 concert. And lots more (Simple Minds, Mike Oldfield etc.)

ETA: duration of The Cure clip - most of the video was spent on TV-2 :-?
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