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Hi guys !

I wanted to bring with me my rollers during the festival to enjoy the skate park as well during the day. I saw there is competitions sometimes so it will be locked But otherwise is it possible to try it ? Someone know if the ramp and the quarters have the rond coping shape for roller as well or only the rectangular ones for skates ?
I think I will be alone since everybody do skate board now but same adrénaline !

If any want to join as well it's funnier together, vert, aggressive, street, come along and have fun, a beer in one hand while doing a back slide.. nice =) I bring the wax for the copping, and the helmet to not receive too many skate board on the head =)

Thank for the infos guys ! see ya and have fun !!
This will be the first year I won't be bringing my board, which is strange because it's the first year I'm travelling with other skaters!

The park is usually quite busy, with people either skating, or sitting around on all the ledges drinking beer. The Vert is usually always clear. It's a pretty big one as well, I think it's 12 or 13 feet? All the coping is rounded, apart from on the ledges where I believe it's angled iron.

I completely agree that it's more fun to skate with other people! Hopefully somebody else will be wearing Quads!
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