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that polar bear rocks!
there's a lot to choose from, but one of the most memorable was definately walking behind 2 girls, and listening while they were discussing what that really big hole in the middle of the campsite was.:roll:
Here's a couple of moments I remember:
'08: It was my first year at Roskilde and the camp next to us had a couple living there that, nicely put, really enjoyed each other. One day, one of those really hot ones, after their tent had jumped around like there was no tomorrow, the guy got out to have a smoke and a chat with his camp mates. He was only wearing his underpants and you could see the sweat running down him. When he finished his smoke he just went back in for another round. The girl hadn't been out at all, and you know how hot tents can be. Naturally me and my friend looked at each other him saying "like a boss".
Being my first year and all I was pretty impressed.

'09: We camped close to one of those blue piss containers. One day a fellow came buy and took a shit in it. A girl from the neighbouring camp went up to him to give him some toilet paper. He looked at her sceptically slowly pulling his pants up and leaving like nothing happened.

'10: One day a girl followed by a cameraman came by our camp and this happened:

Sadly we didn't get the part where he tripped over the bicycle and fell into our tent. After part 2 he proceeded to get humped by a friend while puking.
My biggest WTF moment, was last year on the trainride home to Nothern Juthland when the festival had ended.
Monday morning I woke up with the badest hangovers, and to make it all worse I also got fever - generally felt really bad.
I missed my train, where I had paid for a seat, so I had to wait for the next - wich of cause was overbooked, with no space at all.
After almost 4 hours in the train, I was about to get enough. You couldn't move because of all the people and the dining cart (?) couldn't get through the train. So i stood there, with nothing to drink or drink.
In Aarhus this big, bold, tattooed guy got on the train, standing next to me.
After 30 minutes he asked me if I had been at the festival and yes I had and told him how I had hangovers and got fever - generally had a awfull day. He reached for his backpack, kinda freaking me out (He looked like he was going to kill someone), when suddently he gave me an icecold Coca Cola, gave me a big smile and said he was sure I needed that more then him. That just made my day!!

So a BIG thanks to you big, bold, scarylooking guy. You surely made my day!
Well, there's been a lot of WTF moments though the years - but here's one that springs to mind. I think it was in 2002, which was a year where I drank waaaay too much, and usually I do drink a lot, but this year was crazy. After having been drunk thoughout all the warm up days and the festival days too, I decided to slow things a bit down until evening at the festival's saturday. Again, usually I have no problem being drunk throughout all these days, but I had been going at it way too strong, and my body was starting to feel strange. When I arrived back home to camp that evening, a guy in my camp handed me a bottle of vodka. Having been sober for the time I had promised myself, I took a sip and instantly turned around and threw up. My body rejected it. Not only this was part of my WTF moment, but nobody in my camp noticed me doing so, and we were about 30 people at this time. The camp was naturally partying and about 30 seconds after me throwing up, a couple of guys playing around decided to wrestle right where I threw up. I decided to walk away and never tell them.
This happened so long ago it might just be a lie, We, the group (we had no camps then) had a hammock to put up between the trees left of Orange, and some crades of beer, and sat Down beside the guy in the hammock who was having a powernap. Suddenly he jumped out grapping his buttocks, and looking very confused, someone or -thing had pinched him. None of us had, so he laid Down again and after a while one of us pointed at the ground; it was mooving slightly at the very spot where the hammock hung deepest, just 1-2cm above ground. It must have been a mole, or what!?
In 2010 I think, I was alone in the festival grounds most of the time and kept seeing this flagpole everywhere with three flags on it, finnish flag at the bottom. I thought I´d go by and say hi to fellow finns but never got round to it. Couple of hours later I saw them again, trashy looking, pretty drunk guys and this time they walked just past me so I said something in finnish. The guy didn´t get me, so I repeated what I´just had said and still he was like ´ha?´. Turned out that they were actually norwegians and during the night somebody had just put a finnish flag to their really long flagpole and so they just kept it. Roskilde. :D
Last year when Metallica played at Orangestage it got crazy!

I was standing in the back with my friends, a little high and drunk. It was in the middle of Metallicas show, suddenly a really drunk guy pushed me hard and smiled. I thought ok he wants a little moshpit or something. I pushed him back, since he was so drunk he felt on the ground. He got up, looked a little angry, and ran towards me. I took a step back and he ran right in someone else, then they began to push eachother. Before I could take another sip of my beer it was a little circle with some guys pushing eachother. The circle got bigger and bigger, then out of nowhere a HUGE man walked right in the middle of the circle, took his shirt off and growled. I think he was almost 2 meters tall. All the others in the circle jumped on him and he just threw them away like they where a bag of sand. Few minutes later Metallica began to play Fade to black, the guys in the circle looked at eachother and didnt know what to do, then the huge man grabbed a man and huged him, the moshpit became some sort of hugpit where everybody hugged.

This was my WTF moment last year :D Please share your WTF moments, love reading stories form Roskilde, especialy when its less than 2 weeks to RF14 !
I think it was in 2011. I had just seen Frente Cumbiero on Cosmopol. It was a nice concert, and I thought that was the reason that the tent got more and more intense and crowded, But it turned out to be because Oh Land was playing next. Things got so crowded up front, that it was almost impossible to actually get out again, so I thought WTF let's see this shit and hit on all these girls (I might have called it shit out loud, because all the girls around me get quite offended, but hey great converation starter). Well enough of that. I quickly only flirt with one very pretty and sweet girl next to me. Halfway through the concert I think I'm mentionning that I'm getting thirsty or something of that sorts. A couple of minutes later she hands me a cup full of: her pie, and was like "here quench your thirst"! I hadn't even noticed how she even did it. She was standing right next to me the whole time and we even talked. It was the most cocky move I've ever seen from a girl!

Ps. (Don't worry didn't drink it ;-)!)
In '14 or '15, during the warmup days, I was kidnapped and carried in a supermarket cart by a gang of guys and girls wearing all-black jumpsuits and masks. I was like WTF, but they pretended I had to pass some challenges, after which I would be released and be appointed prince of some Danish name I couldn't even understand.
Challenges included drinking, playing some pantomime, a nude swim in the lake, "fighting" with their leader - a huge and thick viking that would have scared the hell out of me in any other circumstances - and some more that I don't remember.
So I more or less passed the challenges, became prince of whatever place it was, and overall had a great time with these insane guys !
My first festival was in 2000, the year of the accident. We came to the ground on Wednesday and I hadn´t seen anything even nearly as huge in finnish festivals. So I was pretty overwhelmed from the start. Then there was the accident, which made the atmosphere quite sad, but there was a real sense of togetherness and I really started to get the Roskilde spirit. Something special in the air.

But the actual wtf moment came when we were going back to our camp in C. There was this huge bonfire somewhere where the skate city is now. You really could see that from the bridge and we newbies were sure our tents are on fire too as that was where we lived. Closing in we saw that our tents were safe and it was actually a fire made of sofas and other camping equipment (you were allowed to bring sofas that time around). So it was a party bonfire with a hiuge crowd of naked people dancing around it. That was one crazy sight. We came to see this just as the fire department came. They took a look, saw that the fire wouldn´t spread from where it was and told the crowd to party on and didn´t put out the fire... Nothing like Roskilde, I thought even in my first visit.
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