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B. wrote:
Mr Wu wrote: 2. We all know that girls spend more time in the showers. Leading to longer line for the ladies to get a shower. Most of us would either
- Tell the ladies to fix their make up outside (hang up mirrors)
- Tell them to hurry up (10 mins max or something)
- Make sure that there was more showers for the girls

The festivals solution: Deny the men a shower until 12 pm, so that the girls can use all the facilities for themselves. Equal rights and all my ass :bang:

The guys gets punished for the ladies inabilities to get their business done quickly. Ridiculous.

Really? That's just insane! I didn't use the showers this year as I took a swim in the lake every morning to 'refresh' myself, but in the previous year I have used the showers a lot to help me get over my hangovers.

To be denied a shower before 12pm is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I hope this was just a one day experiment or something like that and wasn't, and isn't going to be, common practice :bang:

I don't know how often it happened and if everywhere. But it happened to us, and it was really, really annoying.

The older guy at the showers just told us when we came.

"The shower is closed until 12 for men"



He looked at us like we were stupid

"The girls needs showers too"

Was his arrogant reply. Ridiculous!

I know that I often come across as very negatively critical here, but all in all I was very pleased how things were this year. But the things mentioned above is so stupid and unnecessary they need to fix it. Some of these things have been going on for years and it's still not fixed. Like the cooler element thingy. Makes me wonder if they have a system for analyzing what went well and what didn't work after a festival. The cooler thing has been a problem the last 5-6 years at least and they seem just as surprised every year that they are short.

Stupid, just stupid ;)
@Eef - Yar, mon. Probably so :o I DID get kind of high on all that energetic music and atsmospheres I just kept stumbling upon.

Great festival for a music-turist. In hindsight, with all the critisism of this year's line-up: For me personally, most of that came from not knowing the bands beforehand. The bands I heard really underlined the fact that the music I know and like, is really no more than a single lode of gold within a giant massive of a moutain-range. I should really stop complaining and get out my shovel-something, is my conclusion.

Thankfully, I've learned to take take an hour of each Roskildeday to sit and kind of plan that days music-events, what I'd like to see and at what time they're playing - and then take notes! It's kind of like a treasure map when later I pop into music-stores to shuffle through their (sadly declining) stock of CD-albums.
I think Roskilde 2011 was great. This was my second year and it only got better because of more experience and a new better camp. The waiting system worked fine, last year I got the worst spot in my camp because i was at the store and when i got back people were already settling in... I only wish i saw more shows but the last two days i was too fucked up... Overall i give 2011 a full score because i have the time of my life during those 8 days!

See ya all in 2012!
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