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Hey guys!
I need your help! That's the second year I attend the festival and haven't found any info for the legendary nude race. That race was the first info I had received for the festival and since then I look forward to watch :D:o:D. Does anyone know when the race takes place this year? :o:o:o

Fest regards,
I think it is organised by the festival radio. It may be a good idea the keep an eye out on their Facebook page (if they have one).
There are so many activities at Roskilde that have been a tradition for many years but are also not all that well publicised. Part of the charm I guess.
No more - it used to be, but in 2014 the festival moved out of the camping ground, so they diden´t do it, but it where organised by some of the camps in Dreamcity in 2014. Dont know what will happen in 2015, but I guess it will be a Dreamcity thing again
Do you mean the festival organization 'forced' the nude race outside of the festival, or was the festival radio station moved outside of the camping area?
The festival radio station moved outside. As said the nude race was in Dreamcity
I hope for a comeback of the race!

We are a gangf of old bastards that have not been to the festival for a long time and we remeber that race as god fun!
Now, I say that it must happen again ;-) We organize a bachelor party and he who are getting married loved the nude race!
Patrik Andersson wrote: ... he who are getting married...

The groom.
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