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Hello everyone!
Last year at Roskilde (-09) me and some friends made a short film on Super8 mm film.
Got it uploaded in HD on Vimeo, and I thought id share it with everyone here, might help someone remember some good Roskilde times :) I know i had a good time making it, lots of interested an friendly faces.


I'm actually blown away :)
They say a picture says a thousand words, and that was quite alot of 8mm movie so I say atleast a billion words were spoken ;)

Really nice movie you got there.
Very arty and into the whole Roskilde spirit. Cool.

Edit: Give this man a media wristband!
WOW, you really captured the roskilde spirit, loved it .. :P
Just HAD to bump this thread as the video is just great and just gets me in the mood for roskilde
Does anyone know what artist and song that is btw?

Edit: Stupid me! It says at Vimeo :S
Ha ha, beautiful video, turns out me and my mates are in it! :)
Very nice. I've just posted it on our Facebook wall :-)
Anders wrote: Very nice. I've just posted it on our Facebook wall :-)

Saw it (and commented) :P
It is indeed a nice little strip :)

One thing confuses me though:

It looks like there is some sort of auto iso/brightness control going on when going from bright scenes to dark ones.

Isn't the Super8 an analog media? Is there a built in light sensor that controls the aperture?

Enough with the questions, you made a very nice film and I need to get of the forum and study for tomorrows exam :bang:
Awesome video, great work.
But on the other hand, DAMN you, after watching it, its alot harder waiting the 21 days or so until i get in my car and set course towards Roskilde!! :/
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