Hey fellow Roskilders!

I have been encougared to write in the forum in my hunt for a specific photography:

The photo I'm searching for was taken during the Adrian Lux concert at Apollo, during the warm-up days in 2012 (think it was tuesday, but not sure). I was sitting on top of one of my friends shoulders (I know, sorry Roskilde), wearing a yellow jumpsuit-like Angry Birds costume and had a blast! I remember rasing my arms in the air, shouting and seeing a flash from a camera. I looked down and some guy/girl took his/her camera down from the shooting angle at me, smiled and gave me a thumbs up and disappeared.

I have been looking for that special one who took that picture almost 9 months ago! I WILL DO (almost) ANYTHING FOR THAT PHOTO! :)

So if you took it yourself, have heard of somebody taking it or heard your friends tell about a lunatic 2 meter tall guy in a yellow Angry Birds costume, PLEASE HELP ME FIND THAT PHOTO! (: I will definetly give you a lot of love and beers on this years Roskilde, I promise you that!

Thank you so much!

Best of best regards,

Contact info:
Cell: +45 28711070
Mail: Jeppe_s_holm@hotmail.com

Thanks again! (: