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The Experience project is cancelled.
Ah man thats a bummer. What happend? Are you going to finish the 09 atleast? Anyway I hope you sometime in the future continue the experience project, you're movies are very entertaining!
Sorry to read that dEEPZoNE. Whatever the reason I hope you are o.k. and will maybe find energy and joy again in the future to continue with the Experience movies.

It was a great pleasure finally meeting you at the chat meet this year and me and my camp mates have greatly enjoy your experience movies over the years.
dEEPZoNE wrote: 0011001101100100


Maybe i should clarify ;)
Roskilde - The Experience is cancelled.
Roskilde - The Experinece 3D is the new project ;)

The movies are still coming out.
But with alot of stuff with work has taken it's toll..
But im going to really start working on releasing the 09 and 10 movie :)
Oh dear god, you just saved my day there. I really liked the experience films, and I would definately like to see some of the stuff from 09 and especially 10, since it was my first year at Roskilde. :)
worked on importing the 2010 tapes yesterday.
Only "problem" is that it's 10 tapes. And that takes 10 hours to import. Hehe

I have been looking for 3d cameras, and im almost 100% shure of a roskilde 3d next year !!!!
R T wrote:
dEEPZoNE wrote: 0011001101100100



My first thought too ("eh?"), so I dismissed it as "code probably more clever". But now that dEEPZoNE has confirmed... Roskilde 3D experience - interesting (even if I mostly don't care for 3D and still believe it's going to die out soon - again).
Hey everyone!!

U should also check out this documentary series that Norwegian NRK P3 made at Roskilde 2010. They followed several camps visiting the festival for the very FIRST time:


I just get redirected to the main page (http://p3.no/).
B. wrote: I just get redirected to the main page (http://p3.no/).


If this either dont work, then try to google "festivaljomfruer + p3". FYI its in norwegian without subtitles.

Anyway, how is the experience movie coming up, deepzone?
As you might have figured out.. the movies are cancelled.
Buuut.. If somebody wants to pick up where they left off.. let me know.
I have ALOT of raw 1080i fottage from 2009 and 2010 just waiting to be edited.
About 9 hours from both 2009 and 2010. So it is preferred that a harddrive is sent to me.
So i can upload the fottage and send it back.

Theres always bittorrent. But it would take forever... Remember. 18 hours approx with raw fottage:P
I might consider doing that, how much space does it eat up app?

You also talked about music rights at some point, did you get any?
Dunno if you would want to send the footage to more than one person, but I would also be interested in taking a crack at it. Mind you, I am not that experienced when it comes to video editing, but the more the merrier, right :) How big a hard drive would be required to fit everything?
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