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Just finished watching the 2009 movie. Great work, best one yet. Makes me wnna turn the clock ahead 108 days.
I don't know who I missed this. Downloading the 2009 movie right now.
Well .. get going :P

3 Trailers for 2010 is out btw.
Great work on the last movie. Could you release a track list perhaps?:)
Check the credits ;)
dEEPZoNE wrote: Check the credits ;)

Didnt think to look there.. :bang:
Hehe, easy to miss.
Note that all of the songs are cut and/or remixed.
Sorry if this is listed somewhere else but i really couldnt find it. What is the tune at 31:00-31:28?
And is the 2010 movie going well?:)
Ahh.. That track.. I don't know.
Something that was played in the skating area.
Tried shazam, but no luck.
Ah, no problem.:)
Someone on the forum may know perhaps?
We are not so active on the forums.
Please to go our facebook page or the homepage.
dEEPZoNE, did you film this year again as well?
Yes 2011 was filmed, this time whit a 3d cam

And I finally meet my "boss" :-)
We are looking for someone to take over the Roskilde - The Experience project.
2011 3D is going to be the last movie that is produced with the current crew.
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