Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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Wallu wrote: As long as you´re in the queue, I don´t think there´s any rush. J fills up quite slowly. And for the talking part, I don´t think there´s any problem with normal talking at night as long it doesn´t turn into a drunken shouting or party with loud music. In those cases it may be better to go the agora´s fireplace and finish off the evening there. No strict rules there, but the common decency should be recognized as there are lots of people who chose J to get some sleep.

Thanks, Wallu. That sounds in line with what I would expect us to enjoy and respect.
I fully agree/confirm with Wallu on every point.
YEah you should just experience J..we do not commercialize it cozz we still want to have a place. ;))
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