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I just cant forget the incredible Dixie Burger from the stand next to Pavillion. Does anyone know the recipe to this fantastic burger? Some of you might have had a job makeing the burger? And i am not just talking: beef, salsa, lettuce and jalapenos - but how is the beef made, what kind of salsa etc.

I am sure others are interested in this too!
Good question - the burger was delicious indeed. I am pretty shure, that the salsa is Ajvar, the hot not the mild one.
The Dixie burger was very good indeed.
The sauce seemed like a standard cajun sauce. There are a bunch of recipés for 'cajun sauce', 'gumbo' etc out there, but this should do the trick:

Make a 'roux' with oil (corn, sunflower etc) and flour. Slowly heat up while you stir, until the flour turns caramel-brown.
Add 'the trinity' of 1 part finely chopped onion, 1 part finely chopped celery and 2 parts finely chopped green bell pepper. When the onions are tender but not brown add canned tomatoes. Season with salt, pebber, cayenne-pebber, paprika, and maybe thyme. Boil at slow heat for minimum one hour, with an occasional stir. If it becomes too dry during the boil then add water, wine or boullion.

On the lower bun put mayonaise (maybe mixed with a little Dijon mustard) jalapeñoes and lettuce.
Then the burger(the beef)then cajun sauce and the upper bun.

BTW: what happened to Lousiana Burger? Is Dixie Burger the same? I recall Luisiana Burger to be spicier.
Anyway: Happy cooking and se you at Roskilde 2012
…so this year Dixie Burger have posted a list of ingredients for the salsa. (I don’t know if it part of a new health regulation or something, or if they just got tired of people asking what they put in it.)

It is in Danish so as a courtesy for the English-speaking audience, the salsa contains:
Tomato, bell pepper, onions, garlic, red chili, vegetable bouillon /stock, cajun spice, tomato purée, sugar, oil, salt, pepper and corn starch.
…so I wasn’t too far off in my previous guess 8)

And here is the picture of a lovely half-eaten Dixie Burger. Between the paddy and the salsa you'll find an occasional green jalapeno.

Happy Roskilde Festival to everybody
(...and happy cooking for when you get home)

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