Forum help:
Forum guidelines:
  • this is an international forum, please post in English.
  • please keep your topic titles, posted images and user avatar pictures safe/suitable for work.
  • please do not ask for or sell any Roskilde festival tickets or any other festival or concert tickets on the forum.

User Control Panel settings:
  • per default all registered users can email and message (PM) you. You can change these settings in your User Control Panel.
  • you can provide a 2nd, public email address and also your Facebook address here, so all registered users can easily contact you outside of the forum, this can be useful when looking for camp mates, organising a meet-up or a ride-share etc.
  • you can provide a camp name that will be displayed in your mini-profile next to every post.
  • we have disabled signatures to keep a clean look for the forum.
  • user avatars are limited to 100x100 pixels (same as the old forum). Uploaded images will not be resized so please use Paint, Paintbrush or a free online tool like Pixlr to correctly crop and resize your avatar image before uploading. Please keep your avatar image safe/suitable for work.
  • at the moment, you cannot change your username. For now you'll need to message (PM) a moderator or administrator here.

General stuff:
  • an Atom/RSS feed is available so you can follow the forum without the need to constantly check the site. You can use an Atom/RSS client for your smartphone or tablet or use an online service like Feedly (Feedly also has a mobile client available). More information on Atom feeds here.
    We have the following feed links available:
    feed.php (main feed link, all the latest posts)
    feed.php?mode=news (new topics / threads)
    feed.php?mode=topics (new topics / threads including the (sub)forum name)
    feed.php?mode=topics_active (active topics / threads)
    feed.php?f=6 (specific sub-forum feeds, the number is the sub-forum ID from the URL. 6=Lineup & artists, 7=Rumours, hopes & wishes etc.)
    feed.php?t=5310 (specific topics / thread feeds, the number is the topic ID from the URL)
    feed.php?mode=forums (just lists the forums / sub-forums)