Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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Foo Fighters have already been announced at a couple of European festivals so far (Rock Werchter in Belgium, Pinkpop in the Netherlands, Rock am Ring /Rock im Park, Germany).
There still is room on their schedule for a Roskilde appearance although they are scheduled to play in the US on the 4th of July (the last Saturday of Roskilde).
Rock Werchter moved their festival date a week early (the same weekend as the warmup of Roskilde) to be able to book them so I'm afraid it's unlikely well see them at Roskilde this year :cry:
Seems pretty clear that Denmark is not high on Foo Fighters list of place to play
Isn't there a few gaps in their calendar during Northside or Tinderbox.
If you chechk Foo Fighters calender they dont play two days in a row(except when they play at the same place).
With that in mind I cant see them play Northside because they have already been booked for friday 12 and sunday 14.
Tinderbox posted on twitter: No, their last date in Europe is Rock Werchter on the 25th June…as far as we know there will be no Danish summer gig.
And with the concert on the 4. july in USA, the only availeble date for Roskilde must be wednesday the 1.
So I dont think we are going to see them this year. Unfortunately.
Yeah, I guess you're right :(
But if Wertcher moved their festival a whole week to allocate Foo Fighters, isn´t it then possible that Roskilde moved back one day to get Foo Fighters on the 1st.

Roskilde said that it was easier to get the huge names if they moved it one day.

If they are booked for Roskilde I think they would have been announced at the same time as Pinkpop and Rock Werchter though :cry:
Yeah I will put me money on no Foo Figthers
I guess it's official now (as far as tweets from the official Roskilde festival Twitter account are official):

Little :sadface:

At least a new batch of announcements are on their way.
What there say on twitter is official. And it is like expect, so fine let move on. As said before Foo Fighter dont seems to have Denmark high on there list
With the cancellation of their 2015 summer tour and the promise to make up the canceled shows next year, maybe there is another chance for Roskilde to book the Foos for 2016 :P
They should and i really hope they do !
2016 update.

With the cancellation of the remainder of their European tour and the open letter from Dave Grohl that was included with their free Saint Cecilia EP (see it looks like we won't see Foo Fighters again for some years :shock:
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