We know you love to talk about music. This category is for all non Roskilde festival related music talk.
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Just two rules:

The music must be able to be played from directly from this page and no subscription links. No external links- put YT link when possible.

Anything with guitar, bass and drums accepted

I'll start with some good songs from 2014 8-)

No-one tops Endless Boogie.

Very nice, thanks!

One of the best live rock n' roll band of all time IMHO

Trigger Hippy, Southern Rock Super group with Black Crowes drummer, Joan Osbourne, Jackie Green etc. I love it!

First a shout out to my former camping buddies in Metal Tour Camp

Then we're going on a psychobilly cruise because even though that's technically and supposedly punk rock fused with rockabilly, it's hard to find anything that rocks as hard. Let's start with those credited to inventing the psychobilly sound in the first place.

This next one is from the 2013 edition the festival I'm going to instead of Roskilde this year. The same band is playing again and is one of my favorites. It's a impromptu concert on a cruise boat.

Slightly different style

Drifting into Hellbilly

I should probably end now. I got a youtube/spotify playlist with about 1700 songs. I'll go out on the newest style which is faster and grittier than traditional psychobilly

Liked Bite The Bullet a lot
Thought you might. Very Led Zeppy sound.
Nice introduction to psychobilly. I like them all except that Bob Wayne track, not feeling that at all.
Wouldn't mind if you posted some more. Any acts that have played Roskilde in the past?
Danish psychobilly superstars Nekromantix have played Roskilde in the past but that's more or less it. The Psychobilly Meeting is the same week as Roskilde, and basically every psychobilly band in the world is there, either playing a poster gig, an unannounced gig, or just being there and having the week off. So there's not much hope to ever see any of the bigger psychobilly bands at Roskilde except the Danish ones, Horrorpops and Nekromantix.

Bob Wayne is hellbilly but people that enjoy Hank Williams III would probably like that as well.

Most of my favorite tracks are from the early to mid 80s so naturally there's not much in the way of videos for those but I'll get together a few more.

If you can live with the lousy picture and sound quality this will get you a feel for how psychobilly was in it's hayday.

Saturnus wrote: Thought you might. Very Led Zeppy sound.


For something a little different, more of the White Stripes kind of groove:

New band from Copenhagen. Remind me of Hüsker Dü, punky, yet extremely melodic. They're releasing their debut album in a couple of months or so. A Rising name? I am hoping so.

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