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For a friend I'm looking for one or two bottles of the Danish 'Ilse Made' made by 'Samsø Bryghus'.


Does anyone know if I can order these somewhere online to be shipped internationally (unlikely)? Or is anyone willing to do me a big favor and send me one or two bottles of this beer (obviously I'll pay all the purchase and shipping costs or swap you a unique Belgian or Dutch beer) :wub:
Hey B.

You can try an mail them at kimvest@mail.dk (found it on there homepage) , it is a small place so I thing there is a chance they will shipped it
Thanks, I've emailed them but no reply so far.
Hi – you can order it directly here. Seems like they ship abroad too:
Great, thanks. It took a few emails but I was able to order them.
Although you can select a lot of countries, they normally don't ship (beer) abroad. I also had to pay extra for shipping and pay with direct bank transfer (the site mentions you can pay with credit card and PayPal but I was not given that option).

Anyway, many thanks for the link :love: :love: :love: I hope the beers will arrive intact :D
Denmark is always ready to help you get alcohol ;-)
Yes proud provider of Alcohol, Lego and a awesome festival.

Image Image

Thanks guys :wub: :love:
I approve of this thread :)

EDIT: Christ, that smiley looks like a balloon.
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