Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Like every year I've again created an extended Spotify playlist. The 'official' Roskilde playlist only has one track per act, this playlist has five tracks per act (where available) to give you a better impression of each act.


URI, copy and past into the Spotify search window:
Code: Select all

I'll update the playlist as soon as new acts get announced.

I moved the 2015 playlist to a new playlist (so I can reuse the old playlist for 2016 and keep al the followers). I have updated the links above so you need to re-follow those links to get to the 2015 list).
Updated with the announcements from Thursday 26-02.
A few of the smaller Danish bands are not on Spotify.
The first song with Beyond Pink must be from a different group.
Patrik Andersson wrote: The first song with Beyond Pink must be from a different group.

Thanks. There are two bands with that name on Spotify. I removed the track from the different band.
Updated with Paul McCartney.
Updated with 'The Minds of 99'.
You will have it stressful tomorrow ;-)
I hope to have the playlist updated with last weeks additions tonight or tomorrow. I'm also working on an all in one Excel / Google Sheet list that contains all bands, description, rating, schedule (to be added once announced) so that's why it's taking a little longer.
Okay, the playlist should now be mostly up-to-date with last weeks poster release.

There are still some acts that I need to check/correct or add but as it is now it should be 95% complete and correct.
I'm sorry, I have neglected they playlist since the last few announcements :|
From the last 10 announce acts I added everything I could find and removed the canceled Tom Zé.

In the next few days I will completely verify the list and will try to add tracks from the small acts that are still missing.
Nearly a hundred followers to the extended playlist :)
The official playlist has nearly fifteen thousand though :lol:
I did some little corrections and additions the last few days. The playlist should be pretty complete/correct now (the day before the festival starts :lol: )
I moved the 2015 playlist to a new playlist. The new/old 2015 playlist can be found here:

https://open.spotify.com/user/klaasofte ... qIOpHHHGjc
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