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Going from this post by Saturnus in the 'legend' headliner for 2015? thread:
Saturnus wrote: After AC/DC which really aren't that interesting to see anymore with Malcolm out of the band my bucket list of big names has really dwindled down just Depeche Mode, Daft Punk and if Page/Plant did a rehash of their '95 gig at Orange which I sadly missed. U2 is not on my bucket list, unless you count the barf bucket.

Well, last year there was 2 more names on that list, Vaya Con Dios and Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) but they both played the last concerts on their farewell tours last year, so Roskilde missed the chance to get either of those.
Which bands are on your bucket list to see live at either a festival or their own tour?

For me:
  • U2
  • David Bowie (canceled his Roskilde performance a few years ago)
  • Daft Punk (but only if they play their last album with all the guests and live band)
  • Ben Folds / Ben Folds Five
  • Weezer (preferably playing just the Green and Blue albums)
What a fun topic! Just Annoying that so many (and the top) of the bands are very very unrealistic :(

1) Tool
2) Rage Against The Machine
3) Led Zeppelin
4) Temple of The Dog (Pearl Jam / Soundgarden fused together in one album. Could be awesome if they toured together with that album one day)
5) Jamiroquai
6) Audioslave (Will not happen, but luckily got Soundgarden last year)
7) Smashing Pumpkins
Well I have seen the most of what I want to see but there are a few left.

Daft Punk
Manic Street Preachers
U2 ( also on my guilty pleasure list)
Guano Apes
Ferry Corsten
Carl Cox
System Of A Down

Then I want to see Rammstein again, the first and last time was Giants of Rock at Gentofte Stadion in 2005.
Ohh I forgot Teddybears, I know they have performed at Roskilde (and so has Royksopp) but somehow I have missed both.
And on the topic Teddybears and Roskilde I found this gem.

There is alot of bands I'd like to see again, but these I haven't (yet) - but would really, really, really like to:

Manic Street Preachers
Twisted Sisters
Tears for Fears
Sum 41
Led Zeppelin.

Never gonna happen :oops:
My bucket lists contains of bands I'd travel to other countries to see (well, at least countries in Europe).

1. Led Zeppelin (Yeah, never gonna happen...)
2. David Bowie
3. The Replacements (just got a ticket for their Amsterdam gig!)
4. Tool
5. The Horrible Crowes
6. Bruce Springsteen (seen him three times already, but I want to see him again and again and again and...!)
Obviously Led Zep isn't gonna happen but Page/Plant doing a rehash of their '95 gig at Orange where they played almost exclusively Led Zep songs would be fine as well. Entirely more likely although still a long shot.
Isn't it Page and Plant that can't stand each other? If they want to do it, Jones will join the party surely?
I'll admit I'm decades behind on the gossip of who's liking who. I just own every single Led Zep album and a few rarities on CD (also had them all on vinyl but they got water damaged many years back)
I´d love for Led Zep to show up, "Black Dog" is the ringing tone on my mobilephone.
Patti Smith
The Who
David Bowie
Neil Young
Nina Hagen
Bob Dylan
With the exception of Bowie (who cancelled) and Nina Hagen these all played Roskilde in recent years. You missed out :o
No no, I was there, and want more, and again. But I guess I`d misunderstood your thread out of shear exsitement, sorry. I`d like some old dinosaur from the blues/rock segment, who`re still around?

The Black Crowes on Orange with an acoustic set in the sun, and then electric when it gets dark. 4 hours.
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