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The Roskilde camping areas and ‘camps’
In the past there has been some confusion about the Roskilde camping areas and the ‘camps’.
In short, like most other festivals Roskilde offers several types of campings, normal tent campings, a camper/ caravans camping, campings where you buy a pre-setup tent etc.
The ‘camps’ you see discussed are basically groups of friends camping together. Some camps will have a camp name, a theme, theme song, dress code etc. but it can just be a group of people organizing to camp together at one of the normal camping areas.

Why should you join a camp?
You are absolutely free to camp on your own, obviously! However, the duration of the Roskilde festival is a lot longer than most other festivals, that’s one of the reasons most people camp together. In the first few days of the festival, the ’warm-up’ days, three stages are playing music (the Rising, Apollo and Skate stages) and most people just hang out on the camping areas in their own camps.
It’s also a great way of meeting new people. There are lots of camps that consist of people that have never met each other before and just organize their camp on the forum or Facebook and meet for the first time at the festival.

Where to camp?
In general, the closer you camp to the festival area (north on the map), the more ‘lively’ the camps are. You’ll also need to be there at the start of the festival to be able to setup a camp of two or more tents in the northern camps.
If you arrive after the start of the festival, your best chances of finding a camp spot are in camping area P, in the east corner and in the J camping (Silent and Clean). If you are just one or two people with a single small tent, you will probably able to find a spot at any of the campings but if you are looking for a spot for more than one tent, the P and J areas mentioned are likely the best choice.
You can also consider to use the get-a-tent offer. This means there will be a pre-setup tent ready for you at one of the get-a-tent areas. Of cause your ticket will be a little more expensive (as the ticket price includes the tent) but you get to keep the tent to take with you after the festival and the tent is of good quality. If you use the get-a-tent option you are allowed to take your tent to one of the other camping areas as well.
Where to look for camping spots if you arrive after the opening?
Around 90% of the festival visitors arrive on the day the festival campings open (Saturday the 25th of June in 2016) so the camping areas do fill-up very quickly. If you arrive after the 1st day and want to stay at one of the normal camping areas with more than two tents, your best chances to find a camping spot are in the southern located campings, the P and J area.

The marked areas are the most likely places within "P" and "J" camping areas to still find empty spots

"P" is a normal camping area, close to the Service Centre East and relatively close to the festival entrance at Arena stage. "J" is the Silent & Clean camping area, close to the swimming and fishing lakes.

To get to these camping areas, it's best to travel to the East entrance. You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at the East entrance but it's advised to not enter the campings area at East entrance but instead walk a few minutes south to the South entrance and enter the camping areas there.
From the South entrance you will be directly in the P camping area where you will find lots of empty space and it is also a short walk to the J camping area if you prefer the Silent & Clean area.

If you are just a few people with one or two small tents you will probably be able to find a spot at any of the normal campings, although it will take a lot of walking around and some negotiating/bribing/smooth talking the already situated guests :D
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