Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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I am looking for a girl, i didnt get her name! She wore a tshirt/dress and black dr martens. She was danish, very beautiful! After Roskilde, i couldnt stop thinking about her. So all i want to tell her is how beautiful she is! Im a norwegian girl, blonde, wore a jeanjacket and a black dress. We were next to eachother in the arctic monkeys line when the peemud were getting closer and closer! My friends, and she and her friends were screaming at and throwing stuff at the guys(and that one girl) who kept peeing and made the mud come closer! Any ideas? She looked 16-20 years old.
That sounds really cute...

I hope you will find her ;) OR will find anothter girl like that.

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