A section for random Roskilde festival related stuff that doesn't quite fit in the above categories.
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Cozy is the word. :D

But the pace has increased the last week or so so that must be a sign that we almost are one month away from the festival.
Only 4 weeeks leeeeeeeeeeeft!!wioooooooohooooowwwww
Hi there! :)
Hi yun , welcome to roskilde festival forum . We are the maker of music and the dreamers of the dreams . (Gene Wilder)), Welcome. :D :D :D
Happy Easter!

For so long i have been checking this forum on a weekly basis, and now i think the time has come for me to join in, so here i am :)

- Mister Scoots
Welcome Mister Scoots!
Welcome Tika1000. I hope you will find a cool camp!
Hello sweet festival and festivalpeople, see You soon...again. I'm new to the forum but not to the festival. Best week of the year.
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