Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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The thread of the best concerts ever made me think back and I have some thoughts that I would like to have help with, we're talking about things i guess happened sometime 1995-2000.

One played a band in a tent, perhaps between orange and green, with a large guy on violin and probably also the song. The person was lying on the floor large parts of the concert, what was that?

Did not Sisters of Mercy replaced a other band one year but played very strange songs, maybe even SSV?

Is there anybody here who went on the tent roof when Whale played, it was good stuff!

If I remember right it flashed when Leningrad Cowboys played?

Björk played the same year she had her breakthrough. It was in a tent and as I recall ther was incredibly crowded outside, someone who has an idea (I managed to get up anyway!)?

Paradise Lost's really good and skillful but sometimes it becomes almost "too good / clean". But one of the years they were probably both drunk and high, playing wrong, joke, cut off somebody singing and had a lot of fun, what year was it?
You can relive the entire Sisters of Mercy show from '98 here:

Doesn't look like they played any SSV, but from the Youtube comments it seems like most agree that they were over the hill at that point, thus maybe contributing to the feeling that this was a strange, polarizing experience.
Thank you very very much!!!

It is understandable that people were wondering what happened, like this I have not heard them play any other time.
That about SSW was mostely that I could not grasp what it was...

Does anyone know who they replaced? Only remember that we were really excited while some friends were sad ...
I think it was The Verve. I remember them upgrading Rammstein from Green to Orange because of that, and they played one hell of a show!

And yeah, I went to the Whale show as well. Definitely one of the best shows I've been to at Roskilde. Didn't go to the roof, but I remember crowd surfing. The craziest show I've been to at Roskilde ever was Atari Teenage Riot at Red or Yellow (don't remember what year). The whole tent was one big mosh pit. I lasted about 10-15 minutes and was out of breath the rest of the show. Insanely crazy stuff.
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