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"What does it cost to attend Roskilde Festival?"

As this is a yearly recurring question and as I have recently calculated my own costs I decided to create this checklist so you can figure out and calculate what a visit to Roskilde festival is going to cost you.

Since everyone's situation is different you will not find actual costs here but just a checklist.

  • Ticket – obvious, but keep in mind additional costs like the entrance booking and credit card costs.
  • Traveling costs – no matter how you are traveling, there will be several costs involved. Do not forget the ferry or bridge if you are coming by car from abroad. Petrol. Additional car insurance. Parking ticket if you opt for the paid parking at the festival.
  • Travel insurance – check your insurance if you need an additional travel insurance for your trip and stay the festival.
  • Pre- and post-festival accommodations – if you are traveling from abroad you might want to book a hotel or hostel or some other accommodation before and/or after the festival.
  • Personal camping gear – if you don't already own a decent tent, sleeping bag, air mattress etc. you'll need to keep this in mind for the total costs.
  • Shared camping gear – pavilion, barbeque gear, camping chairs, sound system, camp decorations, tarp, gaffa tape etc.
  • General pre-festival shopping – some food for during your travels, non-perishable foods for during the festival, personal hygiene items, rain gear and boots etc.
  • Beer and liquor – all the beer and liquor you can bring to the festival and buy locally.
  • Food and drinks during the festival – this is possibly your biggest expense. If you want you can probably live mostly from the food and drinks you brought, during the warm-up days (depending on how much you can take with you obviously). During the music days you will probably mostly eat and drink at the festival site.
Maybe we could add in tips to make the individual parts of the equation cheaper:

  • Ticket – volunteer for 32 hours at the festival and save the ticket cost
  • Travel – rideshare or order your transportation tickets early to get the best possible price
  • Travel insurance – check if you can get a decent travel insurance through other means. Some banks offer Mastercards with cheap travel insurance to boost
  • Accomodation – look around for hostels or book early to get the lowest price

Accomodation – Or try couch surfing
Some prices from 2014:

Box of beer (24 cans 33cl Tuborg): 195 DKK / €26
Tuborg draft at the festival site 50cl: 38 DKK / €5
Tuborg draft at the festival site 33cl: 25 DKK / €3,35
Cider 33cl can: 35 DKK / €4,70
Soft drink 50cl bottle: 25 DKK / €3,35
Water 50cl bottle: 16 DKK / €2,14
Box of wine (red/white) 1L: 75 DKK / €10

Camping gear from Spejder Sport at the East and West city centres:
Rubber boots: 200 DKK / €27
Camping chair: 100 DKK / €13,40
Sleeping bag: 200 DKK / €27
Sleeping pad: 50 DKK / €6,70
Air mattress: 125 DKK / €16,75
Air pump: 50 DKK / €6,70
Tent 3 persons: 400 DKK / €54
Pavilion tent 3mx3m: 200 DKK / €27
Gaffa tape 10m roll: 40 DKK / €5,36
Since I already did the calculations for myself, why not share them here. Please note that these are very specific for my/our situation, in this case 4 people coming by car from abroad.
Spoiler: show
  • Ticket – €272,-
  • Traveling costs – €40 (ferry / bridge / some petrol, we have a company car with free petrol in our own country)
  • Travel insurance – €0 (already have this)
  • Pre- and post-festival accommodations – €100 (hotel before and after the festival)
  • Personal camping gear – €0 (we already have everything)
  • Shared camping gear – €30 (pavilion, BBQ gear, tarps, gaffa tape etc.)
  • General pre-festival shopping – €50 (food, snacks and Red Bull. Wet wipes, shampoo, deodorant, disposable contact lenses, disposable ponchos etc. etc.)
  • Beer and liquor – €100
  • Food and drinks during the festival – €500 (€62,50 a day, 3 bought meals & 8 large beers per day. Your mileage will vary greatly here.)
Total ~ €1100,-

Again, this is very specific for my/our situation. If you are, for example, a poor student you will be able to make due with far less by bringing your own food and/or do your shopping outside the festival area and use some of the other cost saving tips mentioned in this thread.
Anyone know how much a decent 2 man dome tent ( 2 layer) is at the festival, it would save some hassle getting it there instead of luggage on a plane.
Buy a really cheap chappy one at a home depo in Copenhagen. Maby 40€. Cover it with a tarp. That will make it 100% waterproof and give great shade from the sun. A tarp in a home depo is maby 5€.
Jim Daggerthuggert wrote: Buy a really cheap chappy one at a home depo in Copenhagen. Maby 40€. Cover it with a tarp. That will make it 100% waterproof and give great shade from the sun. A tarp in a home depo is maby 5€.

If you have a chappy dome maybe you got other problems.
Crappy. Auto correct.
Crappy tent and tarp it is then, more room for other festival gear now.
something like Stroh rhum, 80% to mix and share, Loganbread, the kind of rich nutricious stuff mountainhikers use. Easy to make, and very good anytime you`re a little low on energi, and for the stomack too.
Bumping this for 2016 as most of the info is still relevant.
Train and busses are up with 5 kroners this year so the new price is 25.

I believe the ticket to Copenhagen is 85 kroner this year and 95 to the airport.
Inflation is running mad. 25% increase in year. :D

(I know it's been at 20 for a very long time now so it was about to change)
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