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So last year when i was watch Outkast i noticed a duck up on the stage (orange stage). Whats with the duck? lol :lol:
It's the mascot of the Orange stage crew. See this thread for some more info:

and this Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roskilde ... 9271978783
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Moved :P
The story tells that back in the days when Arena was still called the Green Stage, the crew from Green got drunk and stole the duck in the middle of the night, painted it green and took it back to where it´s situated.
Well, to be nitpicky about that story (that is my job on this forum), it's not quite that long ago - since the duck didn't arrive at Orange until the mid 00's - and by then, Green Stage was no longer officially called Green. :) But then, that doesn't mean it wasn't (or isn't) still actually green. ;)

So yeah, the Arena crew kidnapped it and did paint it green (see also the other thread that B. posted). And yeah, there are still traces of the green paint on it (or at least there were in '13).
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