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Of course it was. He was carried off by his own stage manager, Big Dave.
Ahhh no worries then.
bongo-anders wrote: Was the ending of the concert just a gimmick? I hope so because I don't want Albarn to be mad at Roskilde because I really need that Blur concert to happen.

What happened? It was way over my bedtime!!
At the end of the show Albarn played a rendition of Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go, obviously the crowd wanted him to stay.

A guy from Roskilde Festival (I think it was the world music booker) came onstage and tried to end the show but Albarn refuses.

Then Albarns stage manager put him on his shoulders and carried Albarn off stage.
This was so fun! Damon really knows whats up and down in the Africa scene.. Kinda like Diplo maybe? :)
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