Looking for a camp or camp mates?

Here are some tips if you are looking for a camp to join, or existing camps that are looking for new camp mates.

If you just signed up to the forum, update your profile. You need to have made at least one post to be able to edit your profile (it's an anti spam measure), you can do that here or here.
Go to your User Control Panel and fill out as much information as you like. We recommend that you also enter your Facebook link and/or a public email address so people can easily contact you (although forum members can also contact you through the Private Message (PM) system).
While you are at it, you can also upload an avatar picture.

In your post include the following information:
  • where you are travelling from (country, city) and how (car, train, bus)
  • when you will arrive (will you be in the queue or not)
  • your age and the age-range of people you are looking to camp with
  • what area you would like to camp or are planning to camp (East, West, specific camping area)
  • what sort of people you are looking for (party rats, laid back)
  • what music you like / what acts you want to see at the festival

If you are an existing camp, try to include some specific information about your camp. For example what sort of music you play at your camp, what type of sound system you have, if you have any specific camp activities, drinking games etc.
Pictures are always nice to see, especially from established camps.

Good luck :love: