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Hi everyone:)

Small update: We're short on females! Our goal is a 50/50 gender mix, and status quo is 20 guys and 12 girls. In other words, our camp needs more exiting, international girls

Camp Mash Up is once again looking for members to our constantly growing, international camp. We look forward to let last years success repeat itself, where we ended up with 12 different nationalities united under two pavillions :D

Our concept is a mash up of random people from all around the world, who can come together for a week and camp, party and let there be love at Roskilde Festival. We would love for you to join the great Roskilde-family we have created the last 3 years, and build a new camp with us this summer.

Some practical info:

We're aming for about 35 people, old and new members included. That way there is room for everyone at the campsite
The camp will be located in the P area, so when it is possible to buy entrance booking, we're heading for the south entrance
Our group is already a good mix of people, ranging from mid 20's to mid 30's
Our stereo ''Groove moves'' is connected to spotify and we all contribute with personal playlists
All of the participants pitch in 200DKK/26EUR each. This is NOT A FEE. It makes it possible to buy pavillions, tables, lights, party-favours, keep the music streaming etc. etc. for the whole camp to enjoy - you only need to bring yourself and a tent
During warm-up days, we'll organize ''beersby'' tournaments and other amusing games
During warm-up nights, we'll throw theme parties where we encourage creative costumes (more info at our FB page to follow)

We are all open minded with friendly faces, so bring a great smile and your best party-mood!

Leave a message or find us on Facebook

Peace, love and Tuborg
-Camp Mash Up
Hi there,

I would love to join your camp! I'm already mashed up myself (Dutch/German) and looking for a nice camp to join for my 1st time RF!
Cool :D :D

Looking forward to see you at the festival!
Sounds refreshing. I would like to be part of what you have going on. I'm Nigerian and I've got a couple of French friends who might be interested as well. I have joined the FB group. :)

I'm a 27-year-old finnish woman and I'm looking for a camp 'cause I'm travelling alone. I have already sent you a request on FB, hopefully there's still room for me in your camp :) This is my second time in RF and I'm really looking forward to it!!!
Great! It's starting to get together, but we still need more nationalities, last year we came from 12 different countries ^^
Down! I'm American/Nicaraguan lol where is the camp going to be located?
Somewhere in P, probably the top end.
Can I join
We've just gotten a few cancellations so we have room for a few more. If interested then pm me or July.
Hey guys, I was planning on coming to RF tomorrow but my friend whom I was supposed to go with just decided that she is not going.
I am not sure if I wanna camp all by myself so I was wondering if I can still join you? I just got back from another festival yesterday (fusion festival in Germany) thats why I couldnt come earlier. I am 25 years old and from Germany.

Cheers guys,

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