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Are you a drunken pirate? Full of debauchery and scandalous behavior?
Going by yourself looking for a social, active and fun camp to join in 2015?

Camp Drunken Pirates are looking for you! We were Rebel Alliance last year, but switched up the theme this year :)
Some of us have camped together for years, but most of us never knew eachother before Roskilde and we'd love some new people!
This year we've got a good theme going (I'll give you two guesses...!), a great boominator, and plans for a LOT of drinking rules, games, and the start of new traditions! Pirate songs and loads of rum to be expected :)
We're aiming for K or L :)

We're a social bunch, and love inviting complete strangers into our own little Tortuga. If you're traveling alone, with a friend, for your first time or your 20th time at Roskilde, or just want to get to know new people and add some insanity to Roskilde - Get in touch!

Requirements; Experienced Drunken Pirate who can contribute with some insanity, positive attitude and general debauchery! pirates in training are also welcome ;D
We're an international bunch, so all nationalities are welcome! :D

Write me a message on facebook; Cathrine Inked, or pm me here. And let me know why you wanna join our wonderful camp! :)
(not a newbie to the forum, been around for a few years, but just a new user :) )
We'll be accepting people until the festival starts, priority to those traveling alone etc if we fill up! :) But would still love some more new pirates :D
This is going to be one kickass camp!
That's what we're going for ;D
Heyy! Im travelling alone and I want to join!!
sebawinterr wrote: Heyy! Im travelling alone and I want to join!!

The post is form last year
We're still open for new comers, so that's fine!
Any chance you've got room for a couple of Aussie 21 year old guys?
Yeah I'm sure we do! PM me and we'll figure something out!
Now confirmed that Camp drunken pirates WILL be in Clean out loud this year. Meaning we have limited space, but no running necessary, and there's still some spots available :)
Do you maybe have room for a 19 year old Danish girl? :)
Hey! Yeah we could really use more girls too! :)
pm me and I'll get you sorted with the camp etc! Should be no problem at all!
We're back for 2017! Same name etc. Shoot me a pm if you wanna join :)
We'll be in N this year, so free if doing an international roadtrip, 100dk if not. We're gonna be a bit of an open camp this year, so anyone staying in N, travelling alone etc can just use us as your local hostel bar! Come hang out, meet new friends, invent a game, get drunk, move in. Not really going all out in terms of size this year (record year saw between 50 and 60 people. No proper count as people disappeared or just appeared throughout the festival), but who knows whats gonna happen!

Super excited by now, and happy to welcome anyone who wants to be a pirate!
Hello! Do you do a roadtrip from Oslo to Roskilde? If so may I join? I will pay a fee of course
It's an official road trip from Oslo :) Just look up Oslo road trip Roskilde on Facebook!
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