Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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Compared to other festivals roskilde is more than music,,,
here are my top 3 in the above catagory;
1.The Jim Rose circus side show (Enigma,the expanding penis,the razorblades,the hype about it all!!!)
2.Les Tambour des Bronx (From out of nowhere came 30 huge guys with shaved heads banging their drums like there were no tomorrow!)
3.Circus Cirkör (The best kind of circus,had a good laugh)

Sure miss these kind of acts since I believe that they have more or less disapeared. Maybe thay have moved out on the campsites like do it yourself kind of punk way?
Honestly I can't really think of anything.
The closest I can come up with is a New Orleans brass band that was already performing randomly on the camping before their actual gig on one of the stages and they continued to pop up at the festival area after their official show.
I liked the freak show in Camp Find Holger (Dream City) last year... They even had free Jägerbombs...
Henry Rollins Spoken Word in 2013
Missed Jim Rose by a year, but actually remember people still talking about that the year after. :?

And yeah, it's mosty been delegated to the camp site with people coming up with their own stuff. Sometimes fun, mostly not that memorable.

Other than "Les Tambours du Bronx", the Flaming Lips Car Experience was fun just for people's reaction/disappointment. :lol:
The best non / half music thing I watched was the movie "Metropolis" with a score performed live by an orchestra. I remember that it was really late at night and don't think it was announced in the program. That would have been in 2005 or 06, I think.

Did they also do "Dreadnaught Potemkin" in the same way? Not sure, may have seen that elsewhere.....
Yeah, Peter Peter and Christian Rønn did a soundtrack for Potemkin when Pharoahe Monch was cancelled in '06 (and at some other point during the festival too - they obviously didn't prepare it in a few hours to replace Monch ;) ). They actually released a "sequel" on record a few years ago. :) Christian Rønn probably was the one doing Metropolis also, although I missed that one.
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