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How long does it usually take before all of the peaole with entrance booking is in?
I'm wondering when I should time my arrival when I don't have entrance booking.
Usually 20-30 minutes. There will be a small line at the normal entrance.
Great, thanks!

Someone on facebook said 3-4 hours, but I thought that sounded weird.
I'll just go there at 16:30 I think, and rather wait for a bit if neccessary.
I think the 3-4 hours refers to the time it takes to clean the waiting areas so they can be used for camping again.
The main entrances as East and West are, as far as I know, separate from the waiting areas. Though it could be that a lot of people without an entrance booking are already queuing up for the normal entrances on Satureday and there could be a long waiting time indeed.
Not being very helpful, sorry.
I'll just show up with my raincoat and rubber boots and hope for the best then :)

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