Did you meet a special someone at Roskilde festival, but threw away the phone number? Do you need a ride share?
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Blabla i was looking but actually I don't give a fuck..:p
Ok.. I do but I oficially give up.
C u next yearrr
The girls were from very far north in norway, and their names were iirc, Silje, Malin and Hilde/a. Also, they may still have my little green plastic crocodile :twisted: . Please bring it next year if you go to RF!
The Croc is running wild in Norway? Keep an eye on the police reports from there and you might find out where they're hiding.
That croc is so random ..
So yeah contact us . :) wild croc
Bring back the croc! We will hunt you down and skin you alive if it is not returned at next years chatmeeting...
As in viking skinning?;))
Maybe a blood eagle... Pain for sure.
Still no reaction. Skinning it is
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