RFT wrote:
here are a few points of critique:

  • The festival needs more crew policing the pit queues. I was queuing for Paul McCartney during what was probably the most hectic time in the festival area, yet my pit queue had a grand total of two (!) crew members to keep everything in order. Needless to say it's just not enough.

I had the same experience and almost got quite aggravated as a result. Previously the queue has worked very well but in my view there was a serious failure with the Paul McCartney queue. I joined the queue at around 5pm with my son, and ended up on the other side of the walkway (queuing on the right side of the stage) as told by the crew members. After some time the queue just vanished, resulting in quite a bit of running for a lot of people and confusion and ending up at the end of the queue on the other side of the walkway. For what seemed like half an hour there were no crew members visible anywhere. Luckily things turned out well and we made it in the pit.

When queuing for Muse I was delighted to see how one of the supervisors told us to walk really slowly when catching up the queue after letting people go through the queue, how they have actually studied and taught group dynamics to the crew (or at least the yellow vests).

I haven't seen the pit queuing system at other festivals (haven't been to other big festivals) and IMHO it has worked very well. I'm sick of the people at the front row waiting for the last gig of the day and being all apathetic during the previous ones.

As a positive item: I really liked the Maker area and would like to see them there again. Charging service was good too, I recharged my own Volt-like power bank a couple of times and didn't have to worry about running out of power for my phone.

I managed to get into showers reasonably quickly but was a bit disappointed at the hot showers (at least in C) being closed on Sunday morning.