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Post your 2015 non-music related experiences here.

I had a great festival again this year :D Mainly thanks to a great camp / camp mates, good weather and an absence of life-threatening hangovers :lol:

The queuing in the South queue went okay, although they didn't scan the entrance tickets so if you made multiple prints of your entrance ticket you could sneak in friends that weren't able to get the ticket.
We went for J (Silent & Clean) and it did fill-up as fast as it did last year so I hope they will expand the Silent and Clean concept to another area (around the swimming lake) next year.

At J the usual kiosk was replaced with a new type that sold a lot less food and other items and the queues where very long in the morning because the eggs and bacon breakfast they served took long to prepare and sell apparently. I prefer the previous kiosk which ran a lot faster and had a separate queue for people that only wanted coffee in the morning.

I liked that during the warm-up the Rising stage was a lot closer to Apollo although I still prefer the combination of Pavilion (Junior) and Apollo for the warm-up.
I liked the old Apollo stage better but the sound was still absolutely great with the new stage as well.

I don't think starting and ending one day earlier worked out really well (except maybe for the fact that they had a better opportunity to book bands for Wednesday). I saw still a lot of people packing on Saturday morning. Maybe a little less than before but the Saturday mostly felt like the previous last Sundays for me. People are just tired at the end of the festival no matter how you shift the program around I guess.
Personally I would like to see an end to the very late concerts (as much as I enjoyed some of those in the past). Maybe shift the electronic / DJ acts to the 01:00-04:00 slot with the live music from 12:00 to 01:00.

I'd really like to see the return of the Odeon stage at the same location. I don't like the location and shape of the Avalon stage an I don't think it really works as an all-round stage as opposed to a more urban/hip-hop centred stage in the past.
I stayed in the volunteer camp this year and it where awesome, I am getting old, so it where perfect. Over all I had a great festival. I am not sure what I want to put in here, so just think I will try to respond to B.

The movement of the Rising stage make sense in the way that it more easy to go to more show if you want. That is good, but I also see problems. The bridge is one problem, the traffic over it when up up up and gav problems when there shows ended. My other problem is that with Street in top of west, Rising in the bottom of west, Apollo in start of east and Dream city very short after.. why would I go to the rest of the camping area? Yeah sure the lake is there but the hole “Relax city” is gone… If Rising is goner be where it is now, they need something in the other part of the camping area also to make ppl move around and make most areas close to something cool

I disagree a lot about moving the day not working. Yeah sure some went home, but not need what we normal see and a lot of the people going home did not leave before the last concerts why just to the tent down so that they could take the last bus/train for Copenhagen. So I think it where a big success (And working on the tradeoffice the last evening from 16-00 all the reports we got in told the same, lots of ppl out there)

I only watch metal/core shows at Avalon this year and they worked very fine. The only time it had problems where for OFF! But that where just an error to put them on a big stage, Pavilion would have been a lot better for a band like that
My biggest problem this year where security… forcing ppl to remember the screw caps from there 0.5L bottle when entering the festival area… that where just plain stupid. All just put it in their pocket when entering the festival area. And what make it all so lame, where when buying a soda at the festival area you got it unopened so there you have a 0.5L bottle when a cap… sometimes stupid ppl got too much power
Let's get it out of the way first that I think the ending a day earlier was an enormous success. Absolutely perfect, and pretty much done exactly as I had suggested with having the camping ground open longer Sunday with some if not most shops open so you could leave in your own time and did not have to fight yourself through a hangover from staying up till 4ish not that I personally did but many did on Saturday simply because the music went out with a long and loud bang instead of a whimper like Sundays sometimes felt to me before. I cannot praise it enough.

On Saturday afternoon in the scorching heat I felt grateful for the deep shade sitting under the large trees by the small stream and next to the japanese garden bridge in the backstage area. Best nap ever.

Only negative thing I can really point to is how utterly dead and deserted the Skate Area feels when the music starts. I feel that area could be exploited more.

I'd also point out that the kiosk in G was not far from the J Agora a 5 minute walk at most and next to the showers a well. Only if you lived in the very far P end of J would Center East probably be closer.

For me personally I was very obviously that I am in a much better place both mentally and physically than the last 2-3 years. I was able to enjoy myself and relax much more and I'd rate this festival as one of the best for me in years, and had I had the time to see more music (I was working the music days) it could easily have been in the top 3 festivals in my 21 Roskildes so far.

See you all next year!
All the non-alcoholic food shops on the camping area that want to have open sunday where allowed to do it from 7-14 as a test (I know as I worked the trade office) - so good to here that you liked it
Soo I also have to agree on the earlier starting and the sunday cooling down day...I really liked it. Plus big plus for me was that there was no security constantly saying you had to leave. And homeless people scabbeging around your tent. Like previous years at J.
I just really hope the warm up opens slightly earlier. And have the sunday as cooling down;)

I didnt get the fact that K area around the swimming lake..formerly known as. Relax city was taken down. There was no sauna anymore, no hottubs, no bar at the lake, or a floating dj set.. Whyyyy? I mean the sauna used to be a great succes. Also that bar was visited alot. So to me that is one big questionmark. And i really think its a shame since it was a succes earlier years.

Garbage bins everywhere!! Really nice.
I also agree with B about that pretty gross overspiced food spanish madhouse. I mean wtf. But well .

Basically one of my best years probably feeling better then last year like saturnus said.
I hate it that its over already!
I too applaud moving the festival so it now lasts from Saturday through Saturday. Despite having to travel across the country, I was able to make it to work Monday morning in a reasonably alive state. That's a pretty big deal to me. I also applaud the free device charging offered this year, especially the fact that they were even willing to charge large batteries free of charge.
All things considered, shuttle buses leaving the festival for Roskilde Station worked out pretty well. The queue looked long but moved really quickly.

Other than that it's kind of hard to remember all the positive things, so here are a few points of critique:

  • The shower situation, at least in Agora L, was pretty dreadful. I would get up pretty early (7-7.30) most days, and I'm a guy, so I didn't have too much trouble. But I heard stories of my camp mates (particularly women) having to wait for upwards of two hours just to take a shower (and one hour to take a cold one). That's just not okay. I understand it's largely due to people spending far too long in the shower shaving, using multiple cleaning products, cremes, etc., but it's a harsh reality that needs to be taken care of. Either start policing the time allowed in the showers (perhaps just during "peak hours" in the morning) or add significantly more showers.
    I almost wanted to be offended at the times when they closed the men's showers to let women in, but given the situation I understand it. It shouldn't have been necessary, though.
  • The lack of transportation heading west (Funen/Jutland) Sunday night is appalling. This may be a decision made by the State Railways, but three night trains connecting Roskilde and Aarhus is simply not enough. If DSB neglects western Denmark as much next year, I would suggest that the festival start offering buses to major cities apart from Copenhagen. I know many people would happily have paid in excess of 300 DKK to go home that night.
  • The festival needs more crew policing the pit queues. I was queuing for Paul McCartney during what was probably the most hectic time in the festival area, yet my pit queue had a grand total of two (!) crew members to keep everything in order. Needless to say it's just not enough.
  • I miss Pavilion Junior. Rising is a decent stage in an excellent location, but some acts clearly had a very tough time playing there. I'm sure a tent would've helped.

Aside from those major, but relatively few points of criticism, I don't really have much to complain about. That's probably a sign that all in all, things went rather well!
I think the train situation was more to to do with the track repairs on western Funen.

I was working at the train station as a guide and I noticed that the trains towards Esbjerg/Sønderborg/Flensburg only went as far as Korsør and the train for Aalborg only went for Fredericia and sometimes only Odense.

The only direct train was the ICL but that one doesn't stop at Roskilde.

Next summer its the line between Nyborg and Odense that will be under repair, but its a shorter line with less traffic so lets hope the traffic during the festival will be handled better.

What worries me more is the line between Roskilde and Høje Taastrup that will be reconstructed next year (or is it 2017) but luckily its 4 tracks and hopefully they will take the festival into consideration when they are planning track closures etc.
I have a hard time seeing it being a job for Roskilde to fix the transport. If there is that big a demand for late night transport too Jylland, I think the ppl in need have to contact bus companies. I know Rødbillet is doing transport to Jylland from Roskilde Festival, and I am sure that if they can make money on it they will make more trips and do it at other times. So drop them a mail
I didn't intend it as a slight towards the festival, but far-from-adequate transportation is a necessary point if I'm evaluating my experience this year. I remember not many years back when the state railways had at least two direct trains from the Festival Station in addition to the ordinary night trains from Roskilde Station. If it's a matter of track repairs, then so be it, but it did leave a lasting impression on my experience this year.

That said, I do think there's a potential for bus companies to make an excellent profit from festival-goers wanting to depart at night. In my group people were happy to spend in excess of 400 DKK for a ridiculous train journey home, and I'm sure they would've happily spent at least the same on a bus directly from the entrance back home.
Ok the shower point i have to agree. The queue was at..H agora still relatively ok at 7.... While showers opened at 8. Especially if you dont have the lake nearby. It must be an option to take at least a cold shower.
I mean ...my concerns is also the hygienic state of these girls ..and spreading stuff around.
So yes it is far from o.k. i mean..8 days?!

I had the lake and a bucket to shower myself sort of with the clean water at J.but good point.
Did you have to leave the camping at 14:00 again this year or where they more relaxed about it?
Since Martin mentioned some stalls where open until 14:00.

We decided to wake up at 06:00 to avoid any traffic around the parking areas and be able to drive back (9 hour drive) in daylight hours but that made me miss most of the Saturday night program after midnight.

If they are more relaxed now about leaving the camping areas on Sunday we might do things differently next year and try to enjoy the last night until the end.
B. wrote: Did you have to leave the camping at 14:00 again this year or where they more relaxed about it?
Since Martin mentioned some stalls where open until 14:00.

We decided to wake up at 06:00 to avoid any traffic around the parking areas and be able to drive back (9 hour drive) in daylight hours but that made me miss most of the Saturday night program after midnight.

If they are more relaxed now about leaving the camping areas on Sunday we might do things differently next year and try to enjoy the last night until the end.

Official closing is now 19:00 in the evening so you got 5 hours more to pack and be relaxed about leaving.
Is this stated somewhere? I couldn't find it on the website and when I asked by email they said it was 14:00 as always.
Last train leaving the campsite is at 19:07 according to the program. It'd be damn silly having them run every 20 minutes completely empty for 5 hours.

EDIT: I have to correct myself here. It says 16:17 last train in the program. However, that's not what it said in the Saturday edition of the Orange Press. Also, as Martin said, shops were allowed to have open until 14:00. That'd make no sense if the camping grounds actually closed at 14:00 because previously they started waking people up at noonish and so that everyone had left at 14:00. Why have shops open for no people for 2 hours?

So it seems there's a lot of confusion on when the festival grounds actually close. That's something that could be communicated a lot better.
You had to leave before 16.00.
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