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I had an awesome first time at Roskilde! Dreams come true, and I am super tan now :)

There was a song that I heard almost every day in the camps (especially in L and G), and I must find out the name!

It is kind of an 80's sounding song, and the chorus starts by going, 'Journey, (something something)... Running, (something something).... do do do do doo. And then they sing the verses in some non-engligh language.

Any leads? haha it's tough to describe over text!
Could use a couple of more hints but could it be "this is a journey into sound"/ paid in full,, Eric B & Rakim?
Found it using shazam and humming the tune! it was johnny deluxe - elskovspony !
That song is like older that my underwear.
So no journey or running... But still, we should of course have been able to guess it...
Fucking hell, that was unexpected :lol:
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