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I tell you a funny story: This year we went to a festival in northern Germany (Hurricane, ~65.000 visitors). We, having been in Roskilde the previous years, were there exactly in time for the camping opening, very anxious about getting a decent space for 4 small tents and a tarp and ... there was just plenty of space, even for people arriving one or two days later!!! Can you believe that? ;-)

Nobody there worries about space. And that is a commercial festival, which in other ways can't compete with Roskilde. But people just arrive when they feel like it. Rock 'n' Roll! ;-)

Well, I guess I'm just a little fed up with starting at home towards Roskilde knowing there might very well be trouble to get a space. We are travelling all the way from Germany. Even if you plan to be in Roskilde in time: One flat tyre or problems with the ferry, and you might not have a decent camp for a whole week.

Thanks for your answers! What I get is: You might be lucky when being late (if you search hard for the odd left space), or you might not be lucky.

I know Roskilde is all about being together for a week, and that space problem might even be good because it makes people come earlier, but this kind of requires harder planning than any project at work!
(But, actually, people *don't* come earlier, only their tents are there earlier! We noticed many tents around us being empty until the main music days)

We have been thinking about Get a Space, but apart from that being very costly we don't like that area very much, plus it's only declared "clean". So we might have 24/7 partying all around us there while we do like to sleep every now and then.

So, yes, I, too, hope J will be bigger next year. Trouble is, it will have to be *much* bigger to really solve the problem, just as the other areas have to be made bigger as well. And that brings us to the gravel pit, I guess :-)

cheers, and sorry for all the complaining :-)
If they can make camping space from the old gravel pit area in front of the stages and keep the current camping areas as it is now, there will be plenty of space. There is also a large area south of "E" that has been used in the past.

I think the main issue to Roskilde is the cost of operating and cleaning the camping areas. Maybe they also have to rent certain areas.

Maybe it would be an option to reserve parts of the camping areas and open them later so people that are not queueing still be be able to camp together in a large group.
Walking across camping east it was already quite obvious this year: there is plenty of camping space that stays unused.

I think that that is for several reasons:

- to make enough cash for the whole show, they have started to sell extras instead of raising ticket prices those last few years. If you want to sell reserved camping space however, space needs to be somewhat scarce.
- as said before, any camping square that needs to be cleaned up extra is extra cost that can be avoided, because:
- we all fit in - and the closer you live to your neighbours, the merrier it usually gets, no?
I agree with B J gets more and more popular. This year we even had to nail our space down in order to get a space for a camp of 25 people. We managed but it was quite stressfull. I just think there is a shift of people going on. That actually do love to party anbd walk to the parties in the night. And there can be noise in J during the day. So;)
Eeff wrote: I agree BJ gets more and more popular...

It is written that there is room so there is no huge problem, but the problem is that you might come and need space for five common telt and a pavilion.
Patrik Andersson wrote: It is written that there is room so there is no huge problem, but the problem is that you might come and need space for five common telt and a pavilion.

If you don't come on opening day then that is your problem. It is not the festivals responsibility to make sure that people arriving late can set up a camp as they like beyond the Get-a-Space camp option where you pay for the privilege. Remember that the festival actually wants you to come as early as possible to increase potential revenue.

Ideas like opening camp sections later are monumentally stupid. Just think how you'd feel standing in line for many hours to get a good spot, and then a few days later there would be new areas opened up for people arriving late.
There was this option years ago when you could pre book an entrance and camping area...not sure. If that was a succes.
It's still there. It's called get-a-space.
Get-a-space works for me, we lived there this year.
Patrik Andersson wrote: It is written that there is room so there is no huge problem, but the problem is that you might come and need space for five common telt and a pavilion.

and what happens, is that late-comers wander around J helplessly searching for a decent spot to camp together. And it's not that they don't give a fuck about the Roskilde spirit. I assume they just don't know about this space issue. They just think "well we have paid €250,-, so we surely can camp decently if we don't arrive extremely late". right they are.
Last year we noticed folks trying to set up camps right near the fence. Even in J you have to be pretty desperate to do that! As someone else wrote, people choose J for a reason, and not P for example, in which southern part there might be space left (I know).

Two proposals, in addition to choosing the known get-a-space:

- Sell tickets for J including land, like they did in N this year. Buying 10 Tickets at once got you space kept free
- Have a get-a-space in J. Meaning get-a-space with S+C-comfort, near the lake :-)
Also its this "thing" ...camping with a camp. Its different in other festivals over the world. I just think Roskilde should inform the people that don't know better to arrive on time. Instead of asking to take pavillions down. Or inform people to get a cheap hotel offer combined with ticket....if they plan to get there on monday. Or ask people to set up camp What's also interesting is that I've heard from several people they wanted to camp in C but ended up in J. ...moreover J is becoming more and more popular...i guess silence is sexy after alll
This was my third time at Roskilde and in J, I don't really think I would like it at other areas. Being 40+ I like how the area is clean and relatively silent (ear plugs were still a good idea due to the sounds coming from Arena etc). I travel alone, fly in from another country and like to get to know new people.

I got there around Sunday noon and after some searching found a place for my rather small tent (maybe I'm picky with the location, not too close to the fence, not in the lowest location in case of heavy rain etc), it actually felt more difficult than finding a spot on Tuesday the previous years. Some of the tents were quite loosely arranged next to my tent but as there was no one there when I got there it getting them rearranged a bit to fit me in better wasn't really an option. Some other people came in a bit later and decided to move a tarp on the ground and it resulted in some bad blood between the established camp (as it was a placeholder for someone coming later) and the new tent.

So, I feel it is getting more popular and I also feel the demographics might be changing. I think there we more young people and more sound systems during the day but perhaps they were only spill-over from their primary area being full already. At night the sound systems were quickly shut down by the orange vests, thanks for that.

I'm kind of sick of the mess left behind by the party zones (e.g. G and C, didn't spend much time in L etc) and it is making me reconsider whether I should come to RF again. I probably will, but it just leaves a bad memory to walk from J to the train station and seeing the wasteland as the last thing at the festival. Clean Out Loud (E) was pretty cool but not available for single tents.

I guess I could go for e.g. get-a-tent but paying for a tent and leaving it there (I don't need yet another tent) seems like a waste, even if it gets donated to homeless people after the festival. A good tent would last much longer.

Expanding J would be great but apparently not really feasible.
I am going to revive this thread because my question is in line with the topic discussed.

We are a group of people doing both Tinderbox and Roskilde this year (2016). Therefore we plan to arrive at Roskilde Festival about noon sunday. Where do you think it would be most likely to get a space for 5-6 tents and a pavillon at this point? We thought J would be easy but it sounds like there are more realistic alternatives?
Since they are trying a new system this year with reservations for the J area it could well be that there is, after the initial rush, still some/plenty of space on Sunday, it's hard to predict. If not, you will have to look at the P area.

I advice you to get your tickets exchanged for wristbands at the East entrance but do not enter the camping area there but instead walk to the South entrance. From there you will walk straight into the P area where there should be plenty of space and you can send a scouting party to the nearby J area while the rest of you can chill with some beers in P, waiting for their report :D
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