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Anyone have an idea what the stage tents are up to when it's not RF? Surely they aren't used for nothing for a whole year? Do they travel to other festivals? And what happened to the Apollo balloon stage?
Orange is the festival's own tent - and, I think, the only one it actually owns. It's only used for RF (I think Roskilde Kommune wanted to have it placed permanently at one point - regardless of the practicality of that - but it thankfully didn't happen).

Green (OK OK, "Arena") and Red/Metropol/Cosmopol/others were/are all rented from a British firm (Kayam: http://kayam.co.uk/ ). Both likely go to other festivals - although since they're both modular structures, they may look very different in terms of size. Kayam did Avalon too, specifically (redesigned) for Roskilde, but I'm not sure if it still goes to other places too, or if RF found a way to own it.

I'm guessing the old Apollo was made specifically for Roskilde too, because I can't imagine anyone else wanting something so god-darn-ugly. :p

As for the rest, not sure - since they're more generic. If someone knows the exact story, I'd love to hear it (not least for my history-thingy).

ETA: Not sure if the original actually-green Green was rented or owned by the festival too - think it might have been owned - at least it was the festival that eventually made it give up in 2000(? thereabout)
Got some more accurate info on Green. It was actually owned by Eurovenue, and it too travelled around. And so, it was not killed by the festival, but at some bank reception a few months before the festival. :)
Thanks for the info! Seems like some of the stage tents do get around quite a bit, eh?
Just for fun, since it's such an iconic stage that to some it's kept its name 15 years after it lost its color, here's how Green looked from above in its heyday. :)


It did survive this: (1997)

Does anybody remember where the Ballroom was situated? Äm I right when I say it was where the Pavillion is now?

Another subject is that since 2009 Odeon, Astoria and Cosmopol have all been shut down. Every stage had about 5000-6000 capacity, while new stages hold 1000 (Gloria) and 12000 (Avalon). The best parties were always on those mid-sized tents, I miss that.
We´re having a bit of a think-tank here. What are those stages in that picture. Green obviously, but the other two?
Wasn't Ballroom stage located where Astoria was? That was to the left hand side of Orange, on that little hill, wasn't it? Would have to check an old program, but don't have any here right now.

And yes, you're right about those parties. I believe that the capacity of ballroom and Astoria was more like 3000...4000, though.
Prepare for uber-nerdy confusion... Stages have swapped places all the time - this is from (likely very flawed) memory. I don't have a single programme anymore except for 2012 :( - would be handy for all kinds of things in the history app research, but alas...

Like stevomatic says, for the last few years of its tenure, Ballroom was in the spot where Astoria replaced it - around midway (a bit further to the North) between Orange and Metropol/Cosmopol/Avalon. That's also where it was in '97 (that I'm quite sure about). But in between those years, it was in the area where Odeon would later be placed. Then for a single(?) year in 2003 (or thereabouts) [EDIT: Actually, 2003-2004], it moved to where Pavillion is now (so you remember right, Wallu). And then, 2004 or 2005 [EDIT: Actually, 2005], they swapped places - placing Pavillion where it is now, and Ballroom where it ended its days.

As for the other stages on the photo, the one towards the bottom of it is White/Deeday depending on the year. It started as White, then it started doubling as DeeDay for 1 or 2 days of the festival, and then in '95 it turned into just being DeeDay. I think the year of that photo is supposed to be 1992 or 1993, which makes the other stage (the one closer to Green) probably Blue or (more likely) Cabaret or some other non-music-dedicated stage (Blue, after all, used to be actually blue, at least I know it was in 1994/95 and later). Later, White would be in that area.

So, to summarize the past 20 years... (these are just names - e.g. Yellow wasn't remotely the same size tent from year to year).

Orange and probably Green have been where they are now for 35+ and almost 30 years respectively (and I'm sure about the past 21 for Green).


Ballroom has moved from the "hill" between Orange and Avalon to the Odeon area (late 90's), then to the Pavilion area (ca. 2003), and then back to the "hill".

Yellow and Red started out in an area West of the Odeon area (pretty much the Skate city) - and were both around the size of Cosmopol, mid-90's:
Photo by Hunter Desportes. Red in 1995. Look familiar? :roll:

Anyway, later on, Red disappeared and a smaller Yellow moved to the "hill" (late 90's), before (in my mind) turning into Odeon and moving to, well, the Odeon area (mid-00's).

White started in the Pavilion area, slowly turned into DeeDay (92-94), disappeared (95 when it was renamed DeeDay), then reappeared as a smaller stage on the "Mor Tove's hill" South-East of Orange (late 90's). Then moved back to the Pavillion spot (early 00's). DeeDay later split into Tech One/Two aka Tech/Club Roskilde (1999-2000), then went Dodo.

Blue (may have) started out in the "Mor Tove's" area (early 90's), then moved to the Astoria "hill" (mid-late 90's - or maybe it was always there), then moved (back?) to "Mor Tove's" (around '00), then to a spot South of the Pavilion area (which is camp ground now, ca. 2002).

If I still had the programmes (and I will get them back somehow eventually, I hope/guess), I'd add a little animated year-by-year map to the history app. ;)
Thanks, I knew I´d get an answer. :D For the record, the year that Ballroom was in Pavillion´s space was 2004, since that was the only year I attented during those years. Very good year for a single stage that was. I discovered world music then and practically lived there.
Wallu wrote: Thanks, I knew I´d get an answer. :D For the record, the year that Ballroom was in Pavillion´s space was 2004, since that was the only year I attented during those years. Very good year for a single stage that was. I discovered world music then and practically lived there.

Yeah, checked the papers, and it was in the Pavilion area at least 2003 and 2004. Possibly 2002 too, but the paper that year has no maps, and I think it was still where it used to be (and it was for sure in 2001) - in the Odeon area. 2005 it moved (back) to the "hill".

And yeah, although Astoria was more "high concept" in terms of stage design, I much preferred Ballroom.

Oh, found a few photos around the web and in my "archives", here's Ballroom in 2001 in the Odeon area:

Photo: Erik Maaløe - click for original

... and in 2005 on the "hill":

And an aerial from 1995 - photo by Henrik L. Bohle (possibly, or he got it from elsewhere) - click for original

Small and blurry (the original is larger, but a gif, 1995-style), but from left to right:
Red (blue tent)
Yellow (white tent)
(from top towards bottom:) World (white tent in Odeon area), Blue (blue tent on the "hill"), DeeDay (white tent)
Orange (orange tent :shock: )
Cabaret (white tent)
Green (green tent :o )
Great little history of stages, Kaneda!

I'd donate what program booklets I can find around the house to your project if you're interested. Would be more recent ones, don't think I can find the older stuff. Just let me know.
Cold can you help out with some of the program booklets?
I haven't got older booklets than 2007 lying around. But back to that year I've got everything on file (PDF's and InDesign originals).

Only challenge is that a bunch of it is on a couple of hard drives where the USB plugs don't really work no more. I've gotta see a hardware nurse about that.
Fantastic to see al this information and pictures of the older versions of the festival!
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