A section for random Roskilde festival related stuff that doesn't quite fit in the above categories.
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Long babbling, point of thread is in bold below. ;)

So, the fabled "Much more accurate unofficial Roskilde history" has been back in high gear for a while now.

Most recently, been adding actual musician line-ups to concerts (which is a lot of work, but pays off in fun at times). Just to show the scope a bit, here's a collage of info windows as they look now, for various concerts:


That kind of stuff starts to turn "established fact" upside down. At the moment, with far from all concerts being researched yet (have around 800 with participants added so far), Sune Wagner's status as the record holder in terms of number of festivals he's played is actually in danger. Lars H.U.G. is very close to surpassing him (if he hasn't already - he's only two concerts behind and may still appear in places I haven't looked yet). Mikkel Nordsø is close behind too. :)

Anyway, stuff is based on:

  • reviews and accounts of the concert, or stuff found in the festival papers (using comparative, critical reading of course)
  • looking through concert footage
  • actual band presentations during the concert (e.g. Lily Allen)
  • photos from the concert
  • (for recent stuff) shout-outs on social media (e.g. a soloist thanking her live musicians on twitter right after the concert)
  • inference - looking at the reports of line-up at concerts before and after Roskilde on the same tour
  • etc.

In all cases, the references are being kept track of so it's not a big pile of un-sourced information

Most listings, however, will obviously have to based on the band member line-up as it looked around the time of the concert. :( Most times it would be accurate. But, of course, not always - a member might be ill (as was the case at the Black Sabbath concert in 1998), failed to get a visa, whatever. Also, quite a few world music bands are pretty damn hard to track down (not to mention the sheer amount of musicians many of them tend to employ).

Also, surprise guests are always fun.

So, let's get to the point... Anything and everything helps:

Do you have any favorite surprise guests or unexpected band line-ups through the years?

Also, just known band members of "solo acts" can be interesting, since the "soloists" are often reluctant to credit them. For example, I think Morgan Nicholls (best "known" as Muse's fourth guy) was also the live bassist for The Streets either in 2003 or 2006 at Roskilde. But don't know for sure, although I was there in 2006. :p And Mike Skinner sure ain't telling. He'd like to forget Leo the Lion was there if he could. :lol:
Whoa, what an amazing project!

Kaneda, keeper of chronicles! :D

Have been to RF so many times, but can hardly be of help with this kind of data.
Hope you find someone who can be of help here.
Oh, no need for data as such - just whatever you might remember. Doesn't matter if you were drunk and made up that Bono showed up out of nowhere and sang at Gnags' last Roskilde concert. :lol: Mostly the actual "proof" isn't that hard to find - it's knowing what to look for in the first place. :)
PJ Harvey did join Nick Cave on stage in 1996. That is the only one that comes to mind just now.
Sjabba212 wrote: PJ Harvey did join Nick Cave on stage in 1996. That is the only one that comes to mind just now.

Thanks :) And yeah, all the ones in the collage above, including the Nick Cave one, are confirmed - by way of photos (e.g. Peter Broderick); video (e.g. Bruce[1]); band presentations on audio bootlegs (e.g. Lily Allen); social media shoutouts (e.g. M. Ward); tour histories (e.g. Nick Cave); and/or trustworthy reviews (e.g. Bob Marley). In addition to being present at some of them.

Although I don't count as a trusted source on my own either (I can make up drunk stories too), so I always try to find something else to back it up. For example, Jeff Buckley - other than Grøndahl/Johnson/Tighe being his band on the entire tour, and although I didn't remember any indication that they weren't there (but then, I was 17, it was my second festival, and I wasn't entirely sober), I actually did find his spoken band presentation on the bootleg to confirm that one of them didn't call in sick. ;)

The two exceptions above are Placebo - where I'm not sure about whether the live musicians were there (I do know the core line-up was present) - and Deftones. So both those concerts are simply based on the band/tour line-up at the time.

[1] The listing for Bruce Springsteen, by the way, also includes the exact Roots members that were on stage (i.e. minus Questlove, whom Springsteen's website did confirm couldn't make it). Although such "members of a guest band" are not actually listed in the app yet, they do count towards the individual's "number of times at Roskilde". :)
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