Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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A perfect circle also announced a mini-tour in the US in April/may with a mix of venues and festivals.
Any Maynard project is VERY welcome in Europe. Puscifer last year was great. Still don't believe it's happening:/
(probably this deserves separate thread, but I'm more optimistic for NIN. They announced a fest in NY and Trent likes Europe... even though a dedicated tour is more probable)
Tool just announced on facebook that they will reveal some more tour-dates next week. No info on what continent, but one can always hope!
Several dates in USA during May/june has been announced. More to come. This year actually seems like a possibility!

Facebook statement:


We are very excited to announce that TOOL will be bringing their unparalleled sonic and visual experience to a select number of cities in May and June 2017.

Along with the show dates, venues and ticket LINKS (provided below), please note the INFO regarding special PRE-SALE VIP PACKAGES for “ToolArmy” MEMBERS. For those who are NOT ToolArmy members, but would like to become one - in order to take advantage of the exclusive sale and other perks - membership purchase/signup is available via the Tool WEBSTORE ( I also encourage fans of the band to keep checking back with the Tool websites and socials for additional shows. Don’t miss your chance to attend a live performance by one of the world’s most highly acclaimed bands.
Really sounds like an American tour only to me. I think next year is a stronger possibility, as it actually seems like their new album will be out soon now (I know I know, the jokes on this topic are endless).
Yeah, but hope now still seems greater than in a long time! Plus, I just psyched myself the last hour or so because I have nothing to do at work atm... :p
At least the dates does not ruling out coming to europe and do some festivals here. So I am still having that small bit of hope :)
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