Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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Biffy was just announced for Swedens Bråvalla, which falls on the same dates as Roskilde.
If they don't book them I really really don't know what they're doing.
They are also playing in Provinssi (Finland) same weekend. Great band, hope we'll see them at Roskilde!
Biffy Clyro is one of my top wishes, so it would be amazing if roskilde could book them!
Have they every played Roskilde?
B. wrote: Have they every played Roskilde?

They also played Northside somewhat recently... 2013, IIRC.
Really hoping for this great band! One of my 5 wishes. They're definitely a possibility
I saw them, I think it was in 2013, at another festival and they where really solid. Just a great pure rock & roll act.
Biffy Clyro is a fantastic live band. It would be very nice if they came to Roskilde, which I think will happen!
With Foals being relegated to the subheadliners, this could make room for this other UK-hardhitter. Biffy is at least headlining festivals in the UK
Biffy is a better band than Foals on record, and they're A LOT better live. No doubt that they'd be a much better headliner and put on a much better show. Definitely one of the finest live acts out there today. It would be stupid of Roskilde to let them slip through their fingers.
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