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Post here what you did.

Yesterday i celebrated 2nd christmas day and drank alot of wine since I quit beers. And now I'mstill in bed
Doing my thesis while having some "free time" :'(.

Been drinking a lot of wine during christmas as well :D
Nothing at all. Been taking it easy due to some health issues and I´m getting pretty bored. Well hoping for better times ahead. Angel Haze in town in three weeks so hoping that I´ll be able to go see her.
@wallu health issues?? Sounds bad. But Angel haze...you will finally see her!!
Today i worked...and watched river...a new cool show on netflix!!
I already saw her in Flow-festival in 2013, but wouldn´t mind seeing her again. Here´s to hoping I can go.
I hope so too.
Today i worked and drank cider and beers.
:D Today I booked my flights to RF16, starting to get that party itch. 8-)
Typically now I try to work in a gym session, for roughly 2 hours, 5 days a week at least. Aside from that I also work on art projects for clients and just general artowkr or projects on my own. I am on break from school for the time being. Next month is Mardi Gras though.
Today I drilled and split a 9 tonne field boulder in the the countryside, while wondering who is going to complete the lineup.
These days are hectic and also trivial. I'm handing in my thesis the 1. June, so monday-friday I'm doing thesis from 9-14, and working as a badminton coach from 15 - 22.

I'll be going into bat shit crazy party mode when we hit june and Roskilde ! :D :D :D
I am making a list in my head what to bring this year!!!!!!
I went scouting the local camping and sporting goods stores yesterday to look for camping chairs, a new tent, portable gas stove, pavilion tent and other camp gear.
Only last week I subscribed to Spotify and I made my Google Sheet where I rate and describe all the acts, that I use to print my own schedule.
Tickets have only been bought a few weeks ago.
I'm pretty late with everything this year :oops:
Today I'm overseeing sending the first container full of Soundboks speakers to our Kickstarter pledgers. So there'll be some very happy people receiving gifts Monday/Tuesday. I know, they are almost a month late but our pledgers have been informed about the difficulties we've had. It's a lot of cogs that has to turn just right to get the 1000s of parts that go into a speaker assembled, tested, approved and co-ordinated for shipment.
Do you expect most people will have their Soundboks in time for Roskilde?
All that have ordered will have their Soundboks before Roskilde and at least a week before.

Btw, we're sending 300 today, and 800 in each of the next two weeks.

EDIT: The company that cut the packaging foam inlay made a mistake so they have to make new ones over the weekend so we can pack and send them Monday
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